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Example sentences for dispelled

If the reflexive reaction to such a dish was a grimace, it was quickly dispelled.
But he has not dispelled all doubts about either the stability of his regime, or the consistency of its foreign policy.
Human overpopulation is a serious problem on this planet dispelled by many.
Initial impressions of the crater as a lifeless wasteland are quickly dispelled.
She dispelled them by winning the toss and electing to serve.
It also dispelled any notion that he might have harboured that justices should keep their personal political links under wraps.
It's time that this urban myth that everyone including many physicians believe is dispelled by the actual clinical evidence.
While she was here, she also dispelled a few notions about life as it is lived by the aristocracy.
But it has never dispelled suspicions that it has played a double game.
He dispelled all my doubts immediately, convincing me not to lose such an opportunity.
Cost of electricity will go up and the original notion of inexpensive operation will be dispelled.
Once negotiations started, some of its doubts about the possibility of a useful and verifiable treaty might be dispelled.
It may be a long time yet before they see it dispelled.
Closer ties between nations will help this get dispelled.
If he had any doubts about his career change, they were quickly dispelled.
Any notion that tofu is a soft, bland pillow is dispelled here.
Genetic research has dispelled many of the monogamy myths in the animal kingdom.
Moreover, a sudden job loss exacerbates the lives of the dispelled workers and their families.
Until that notion is dispelled, voting is largely meaningless in terms of the big picture.
Their initial bliss was soon dispelled by an unwelcome development.
Solutions are offered to access problems, and five myths about deafness and hearing loss are dispelled with factual information.
Read about common climate change myths that have been dispelled by science.
Among the tribes the explorers met, her presence dispelled the notion that the group was a war party.

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