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Nor, in all honesty, did they do much to dispel that belief.
Facts are only useful if they can inform broader concepts and help dispel myths.
And the cautious nature of science is unlikely to be able to dispel belief in the link any time soon.
In this column, we will do our best to set the record straight and dispel popular myths about this condition.
First off, it's necessary to dispel the myth of teaching as a slackers paradise.
Meanwhile, no one can legally do anything to dispel the eagles and prevent them from eating rare birds.
The survey helps to dispel some myths about adjuncts.
There are many common misconceptions and myths about the disorder, and I appreciate any attempts to dispel them.
One has to use basic logic to dispel your distorted theory.
The wearer can summon virtual gadgets and internet data at will, then dispel them like smoke when they're done.
This is precisely what the book reviewed above tries to dispel.
But the lapse of a few months will confirm or dispel their fears.
He urged others to use the past to find inspiration to dispel resignation, deference, and demoralization.
Whatever faults your work may show along the way, they will not dispel my support and enthusiasm for your career.
To dispel the aura of strangeness, my goal is to wiggle my way into a dual appointment with another department.
It was important for me to dispel any doubt about the authenticity of the students' questions.
Expressions of devotion, the lamps are believed to dispel the darkness of ignorance.
They don't work to dispel myths that keep people sick.
But to minimize one factor because there may be many will not dispel the murk.
Finally, they dispel the old myth that coffee helps sober you up, so downing a cup and hitting the road is not a good move.
In your preface, you work to dispel the long-accepted view that writing about music is a uniquely difficult task.
The summer's developments have done little to dispel this perception.
But the hole in the grid attracted the attention it sought to dispel.
It's a mystery, which no theory or theology can possibly dispel.
But rudimentary as it is, the information that has been collected is enough to dispel some egregious myths.
Nor has science managed to dispel the aurora's mysteries.
The perfect tool to dispel the myths and misconceptions that many people have about big bang cosmology.
Admit the concern is valid, and try to dispel it by providing as much information as possible, positive and negative.
The move may now dispel an irredentist bogeyman often cited by separatists.
He has done little to dispel the impression that he will be content to entrust the entire subject to a team of senior advisers.
But in the short term, the tendency to dispel the murk around charities' activities may work the other way.
But, true to form, he and his government have done little to dispel them.
Water cannons and tear gas were used to dispel the crowds.
And two cupfuls of tomato juice added to a warm bath helps dispel the odours of excess perspiration, especially in hot climates.
In such cases, a different approach may be needed to dispel doubts.
The market still hasn't figured out a good way to dispel myths and sell the advantages of annuities for retirement investing.
The process is to dispel rumors and misinformation and get to the facts.
We do this in order to dispel any potential confusion regarding our holding.
The threats are so sinister and over the top that they almost dispel our fear of being stopped in the security line.
It's time to get to know these wonderful shrubs and dispel some of the myths surrounding them.
We also gather intelligence, dispel rumors, disseminate accurate information and establish liaisons with other agencies.
By working to dispel myths and misperceptions about various groups.
Hunters and the sport of hunting have the power to dispel that illusion.
They also help to dispel the myth that drug use is normative behavior.
Please dispel any preconceived notion you might have about a third airport.

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