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Although the reason for this difference is not yet known, it is a true disparity.
Income disparity is always a subjective observation, with observations often occuring on the local level.
Their proximity to one another only accentuates the disparity.
These are average figures and the disparity is greater if particular areas are singled out.
In fact, there is reason to believe that most of the gender disparity in philosophy stems from the canon itself.
There is much evidence that economic disparity and exteme poverty lead to larger families for the impoverished.
This technology disparity will diverge more as oil prices rise, making shipping more expensive.
There is this huge disparity.
The question is not whether a disparity exists but why.
They found that having children can explain much of the income disparity.
Everybody knows poverty begets poverty, and so disparity brings more disparity.
There's not enough genetic disparity to ward off the perils of inbreeding.
At present, the disparity is something that requires further study of multiple tyrannosaur growth series to resolve.
To think such ravening disparity will somehow never touch you is foolish.
Faced with this disparity, libraries have had to adjust the proportions of their acquisitions budgets.
The decisive factor here is the disparity of race and the rhetoric of miscegenation.
With that kind of replicative disparity you might expect that the bacteria are winning.
Geographic isolation plus economic disparity equals no revolution.
The growing disparity meant that only the rich teams could afford the best players.
He found a striking disparity in wealth between his home and the capital city.
In some countries, the gender disparity in the boardroom is particularly pronounced.
The disparity has to do with maintenance, or the lack of it.
Amazingly, there is no disparity in styles in the resulting scenes.
It's plausible that the end of the home buyer credit has something to do with this disparity.
There is a wide disparity in care for terminal illness, especially for the elderly.
She was continually reminded of the disparity in wealth.
But until now, whether the disparity was caused by an asteroid impact or volcanic action on the surface has been in dispute.
Thus, there is great disparity between scientific and public information on tail-chasing.
Maybe its the disparity of quality of education that really needs to be addressed.
Skeptics can point out that rather significant disparity, and should.
The disparity in technical know-how provides an opportunity for new professors to be mentors to their elders.
They are also one of the few places that combat economic disparity on campus.
Utility theory couldn't explain the large disparity between those prices.
The disparity between student expenditure and program response draws unfortunate attention to the fiscal side of the matter.
No system is perfect but capitalism is not the real culprit when talking about the economic disparity.
Holding preparation equal, this disparity disappears.
Remember that diversity is not the same thing as disparity.
The researchers are not sure what drives this angular disparity.
He outlined an explanation for the disparity between matter and antimatter in the universe.
There seems to be a great disparity in what is regarded as proper methodology among the various scientific disciplines.
The disparity in heat-related deaths has nothing to do with climate change, whether human or natural in origin.
It's unclear what the thinking is behind this disparity.
Economic disparity was made worse by the government giving money out of thin air to the poor.
The poor's relative purchasing power has declined as income disparity has widened.
Any disparity in onion prices will be halved in less than nine months, for example.
Such a wide disparity between domestic spending and foreign aid is commonplace.
Why is there such a great disparity between the unemployment rate of minorities and non-minorities.
When you look at the disparity in terms of who's in prison, it's indefensible.
The euro zone is seeing a growing disparity in performance among its members too.
At this point, any answers as to why there's such a disparity are based on pure speculation.

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