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These disparate interests work against regional planning and promote sprawl.
Two atmospheric scientists have now resolved these seemingly disparate trends.
She cautions against going overboard with too many disparate shades.
This is based on an erroneous reading of various disparate public records.
The theory is born of a marriage of two disparate fields.
Before smart missiles and iPhones, electronic devices choked on the hefty tubes required to connect disparate transistors.
The crowd was a disparate group.
He is also pressing forward with plans to gather together his disparate supporters into a single revolutionary organisation.
The statistics on disparate treatment are staggering.
It weaves together two seemingly disparate tales into a stunning conclusion.
Moreover, this disparate impact is likely to extend far into the future.
Because the potential reward of a job teaching beats working in a cubicle, even with the disparate levels of compensation.
It takes people with disparate backgrounds and beliefs and brings them into line with mainstream norms of reason and taste.
Alternate chapters relate the stories of two disparate but slowly converging heroes.
It also suggests that the brain uses the same principle of learning and organization for vastly disparate knowledge.
No less disparate are the ways in which the two countries are interpreting the former president's humanitarian mission.
What follows is a framework for disparate ideas and policies that have been bruited about and in some cases partly implemented.
So writing my first book was both an act of personal recovery as well as an attempt to integrate my life's disparate interests.
His pictures are consistently geometric, intricate, and clever in the way they link disparate parts into a larger whole.
The etiology of disparate mens and womens cultures may be genetic but culture per se is learned behavior.
The lines connecting these disparate findings are still tenuous, but studies are continuing to bring in new data.
It seeks to access disparate databases to find patterns of known bad behavior.
Disparate ways of life representing completely opposite relationships between citizens and their civic guardians.
Average incomes rose, but also became more disparate.
My own childhood had been the story of this and that combined, of the synthesis of disparate things.
If there's a common thread to these disparate works, it's their intimacy.
The meeting of disparate souls brings with it the inevitable apology swap.
It also offers a rare partnership between two disparate and often conflicting worlds: capitalism and conservation.
Defecting soldiers worked in small and disparate groups.
One who regularly articulates in fine oratory fashion all the obvious and nuanced beliefs this vast and disparate group hold dear.
Together with the ex-communists, they will form a disparate but probably effective opposition.
Some statisticians find the pooling of results from disparate studies unpersuasive.
The two apparently disparate events were soon joined.
The genius lies in how the room snaps disparate sculptural and architectural fragments into their proper context.

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