disparaging in a sentence

Example sentences for disparaging

So they're trying to discourage the use of disparaging commentary in games.
Not a disparaging word about your current employer.
Every one of them thought his disparaging remarks were aimed at someone else.
This disparaging article puts forth some comments that are completely false.
Mechanics were being assailed by moralizers and convention-minded detractors authoring similar negative, disparaging connotations.
Federal trademark legislation prohibits the registration of disparaging symbols.
This article seems very biased and disparaging.
You are also automatically deemed a couple of other things, but "colorful" is the least disparaging.
Marks demands a public retraction regarding the disparaging comments about the copyright.
It has a disparaging significance over there, almost equal to that of our words organization and machine.
It usually comes in a disparaging time and bails them out of a hopeless period.
Typical cases involve workers exchanging personal messages disparaging the boss or their superiors.
To be placed third in such company is hardly disparaging.
In one study, for instance, subjects were asked to listen to recordings of people supposedly saying disparaging things about them.
Disparaging this world wide product is not appropriate.
Disparaging letters began appearing in the local paper.
The current practice of disparaging the science and the scientists only clouds our understanding and delays a solution.
The anger shows up in comments disparaging the education, intelligence, or integrity of those with whom they disagree.
The habit of disparaging humanity's impulse to control the natural environment is probably temporary.
Before anyone speaks another disparaging word, first go to the site and read everything.
She was rude to her staff and made two disparaging remarks about anthropologists.
Their disparaging and arrogant tone is not helping their cause either.
Anyone, legitimate or not, can place disparaging information on the bureau report.
We will abstain from disparaging personal remarks or acrimony toward other counsel, parties, or witnesses.
Miller yelled at, insulted, and made disparaging remarks about a patient.
No league member shall make disparaging remarks about other league members' shooting ability or performance.
He's trying to make a jab at the media, but comes off as patronizing and disparaging.
You've said so many disparaging things about him and about his brother.

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