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Don't use too many kinds in one planting or you'll end up with a disorganized-looking garden.
One finds, not only vowels disorganized, but also consonants.
They have been neutered, are disorganized and positioned to be crushed.
The boxes of memorabilia she kept for each of us were always disorganized.
He may be disorganized and inadequate in his personal life, but his professional instincts are superb.
Much of the book is actually about people in poverty and those who live in disorganized homes.
With an appointment, visitors may tour the somewhat disorganized facility.
In the video you can see the messy, disorganized loops getting more and more tangled up.
But instead of being a disorganized jumble of molecules, the individual rod-shaped particles line up parallel to each other.
The brain's center of memory and navigation, once considered too disorganized to decode, may soon be unlocked.
These work in disorganized clumps of tens to form one bit of data.
If you are the type of writer that is comfortable in a disorganized, cluttered workspace, that's great.
If your talk is disorganized and you give no context for your research, it won't get better from fretting about it.
There are plenty of students without disabilities who are poor at note-taking and disorganized.
In other words, great responses to the interview questions won't make up for a really bad or disorganized teaching demonstration.
Similarly, if they were disorganized or callous then you really were best to avoid that bureaucratic organization.
She's a therapist and professional organizer who works with chronically disorganized people.
The prose is scrappy, disorganized, and full of these parentheses and cancellations.
They were not, as he complains in his book, lazy or disorganized.
Its government is mired in chaos and infighting, its military is weak and disorganized, and its economy is crippled.
The transportation of fuel and food is completely disorganized.
Although the agents are atomized and disorganized, the violence is communal and coherent.
Not only was he disorganized and completely on his own but there was never enough money.
He launched it from inside a somewhat disorganized corporate culture, owned by someone else.
Merely a few crude peasants wanted actually to use weapons, and they were scattered and disorganized.
Seizures of all types are caused by disorganized and sudden electrical activity in the brain.
The opposition, still looking bland and disorganized, is worried it could be one more glamorous nail in its coffin.
No one enjoys flipping through hundreds of disorganized vacation photos.
Much of the city looks disorganized and lacks a cohesive center.
Well, my lazy and disorganized human nature is sick of being played.

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