disobedient in a sentence

Example sentences for disobedient

Suppose you have crushing credit-card debt, a demanding tyrant for a boss, and disobedient children.
He has blamed disobedient subordinates for murderous attacks on civilians and for destroying previous ceasefires.
The effect of scolding was more pronounced when the dogs were obedient, not disobedient.
Obedience is reinforced by punishment for the disobedient.
It is sanctioned by the promise of eternal happiness to the faithful, and the threat of everlasting misery to the disobedient.
Their disobedient detour might fairly be said to have changed the course of history.
Turn the radio dial a bit, and political discourse gives way to rants on straying husbands or disobedient teenagers.
He's disobedient careless with the property of others and exhibits serious boundary issues.
Joe himself is not scholarly and isn't particularly disobedient, since he comes from a happy family.
The snake squares had pictures of children being disobedient.

Famous quotes containing the word disobedient

A dutiful child will have dutiful children; a disobedient one will be disobeyed.... more
Once again we have sent Him away, Begging though to remain His disobedient servant,... more
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