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Perhaps discarded then without a thought, the shoe is not dismissed so lightly now.
Though a handful of wildlife biologists supported him, others dismissed the idea.
To many times great ideas are dismissed as the work of ill conceived minds with no central focus.
Mockingbird is hardly a marketer's or publicist's dream, and could easily have been dismissed as a downer.
Even though the company decided to print a date on the package, a judge dismissed the date as not having any legal worth.
Tales and photos of these enormous, fierce-looking fish are widely circulated-and sometimes dismissed as hoaxes.
They dismissed the traditional explanation as a myth.
But by the middle of the century the relationship weakened, and scientists dismissed the pattern as coincidence.
Paleontologists first dismissed this unlikely connection because nothing in the fossil record supported it.
Previous discoveries of the orangutan's extinct relatives have been dismissed as possible ancestors.
Some dismissed them as fiction, and would not accept that they had any historical value at all.
We asked him if he uses beauty creams or sunscreens, he dismissed the question with a smile and a wave of his hand.
Anywhere else, such talk would be dismissed as a fairy tale.
Most of these approaches have been dismissed as too expensive to install or because biocides could be harmful to the environment.
He dismissed my questions of the past with polite laughter.
As concerned her own individual existence, she had long ago decided in the negative, and dismissed the point as settled.
At the revolution, he was dismissed from his post of licenser and imprisoned.
The result was that the whole reform received a set-back: the public dismissed the reformers as a pack of dreamers.
Not thus can the others mentioned above be dismissed.
The first supposition, so far as it relates to any record professing to be historical, may be dismissed as highly improbable.
He never dismissed any point without having first well examined and well understood it.
Yet certain morphological distributions are too specific in character to be so lightly dismissed.
The house agent laughed, dismissed them, and put others in their place.
The rest of these ships, being eight or nine, were dismissed without anything at all taken from them.
He dismissed the essence of things and played with realities.
Sometimes they dismissed the arrested persons, sometimes they fined them, sometimes they imprisoned them.
Its actual detailed contents exposed all kinds of problems, then simply dismissed them.
Because this aspect of shale fracking cannot be mitigated, it tends to be summarily dismissed.
As far as they are concerned it is true and any data or evidence to the contrary is dismissed.
Or perhaps they did happen to you and you dismissed them as impossible, therefore untrue.
If you cannot provide supporting evidence then your charges must be dismissed.
Experts long ago dismissed this latter view as overly simplistic.
Anything that is not deemed a danger is dismissed and fades away from our consciousness.
Usually, lawsuits are dismissed when the government invokes the privilege.
He was formally charged with fraud, but all the charges were dismissed.
The presiding judge chided the police for planting the cellmate and dismissed the evidence as not credible.
They will be peddling electricity-an idea which a few years ago would have been dismissed as lunacy.
Now, people buy vegetables, and so this shouldn't be dismissed as meaningless.
Bloated with hubris, he dismissed renewed threats of a coup.
The case was initially dismissed and then reinstated by a federal appeals court.
But, where it becomes merely an advocacy group for one sector of society against another sector, than it can be dismissed.
Substantive charges against them, no matter the reasons, are dismissed.
The court dismissed the complaint, saying that the plaintiff didn't show sufficient harm to merit the injunction.
These days few share my epistolary penchant, which is dismissed as a doomed anachronism.
People who disagree with them, but can't be dismissed as ideologically hostile.
He said he had dismissed an illegal immigrant he discovered working on his property.
Basically: if someone else outs you, you won't be dismissed.
Any of the information displayed on the surface can be dismissed by sweeping a hand across the projected images.
If editors were dismissed every time they published one, they would all be out of work within a month or two.
The moral quandaries and bioethical concerns underlying these restrictions can't be dismissed.
The source can not be dismissed if various prototypes do not meet expectations or commercial needs.
Many have dismissed such claims, arguing that there is little to show for the first decade of digital culture.
It is unfortunate that this topic of debate is so frequently dismissed with flawed schoolboy arguments.
Bush-haters dismissed the initiative as a cynical ploy.
But the results to date should convince the skeptic that small scale steam power should not be casually dismissed.
Actually, she filed three suits, two of which had long since been dismissed.
In an election that will take place largely on television, such trifles cannot be dismissed.
He didn't respond to federal filings and the suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.
Tells how a patient under his care lapsed into a coma, and how he was dismissed.
Cruelty can be righteously opposed, eventually dismissed.
The captain dismissed the drill instructor and said he'd handle the case himself.
Its working hypotheses can't be falsified, because anything that contradicts them must be dismissed.
He had been approached before by bankers and had generally dismissed them in words of four letters.
Reduce the power of the unions, he argues, and bad teachers could be quickly dismissed.
Rather he would seem to hold that if they cannot be accepted as science they must be dismissed as nonsense.
The district attorney dismissed the charge five days later.
By their strong advocacy of withdrawal, they have made it impossible for the movement to be dismissed as an unreasonable fringe.
Turner cannot be dismissed, but he cannot quite be embraced, either.
Each new disclosure was dismissed as incidental, or fortuitous, to the otherwise beneficent work of the agency involved.
My parents and their friends dismissed their servants, fearing treachery.
Twenty years of studying the evidence has convinced me that ghosts and poltergeists cannot be dismissed as delusions.
The balance of probability is against him, but the idea is intriguing and must not be dismissed.
Mailer's is too formidable a case of an authentic literary drive to be dismissed, and dismissal is certainly not my intention.
Such behavior is capriciously dismissed with the explanation that it is maladaptive, and therefore has simply failed to evolve.
Often dismissed as old wives' tales, food remedies are of increasing interest to scientists.
Initially the local medical community dismissed his finding.
So skeptics, who often admit the loveliness of the math, have long dismissed string theory as an untestable fantasy.
As a result, scientists dismissed the upstart mutation.
Scientists have long dismissed tarantulas as too primitive to exhibit interesting behavior.
The sample size here is small, but the deviation is not to be dismissed.
They should not, however, be dismissed as grandstanding.
The callousness with which poor people are deceived, ignored, and dismissed.
Realizing he was coming across as edgy, he dismissed the group early.
He always dismissed acting as a lucrative party trick that he happened to have mastered.
Though she brought suit, the studio smeared her and got the complaint dismissed.
One panelist dismissed the idea of luxury altogether, arguing that it had become too accessible.
Other allegations were dismissed by the commission before the hearing.
The parties to this action agree that this action is hereby dismissed.
Therefore, their federal claims are being dismissed with prejudice.
Regents have not consented to this suit and these state law claims must be dismissed.
Persons appealing their citations may present anything they wish to support their position that the citation should be dismissed.

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