dismay in a sentence

Example sentences for dismay

To the dismay of scholars, the publishing giant quietly purges articles from its database.
To our dismay we did not see this rare creature.
She unzipped the door, and a blast of cold air filled our humble abode, much to our dismay.
My dismay is so great, I can't put it into words.
It is a replica of an earlier piece that was smashed by thieves who discovered to their dismay they could not extract the bills.
In fact, many fine folks don't send holiday cards at all — much to the dismay of Hallmark.
Among policymakers in the east, the dismay is tangible.
Only one incident at this point may dismay readers, who will find it contrived.
Yet the thought of his upcoming mandatory retirement fills him with dismay.
This scene alone would be cause for dismay, but it gets worse.
Perhaps it was that dismay that caused me to become lost on the way back to my car to catch my afternoon flight.
The external design has stayed the same, to the dismay of those who think it's silly.
The experience seemed to dismay everybody else and to convert them to the view that markets do the job better.
None of the authors expressed any dismay or even surprise that the prisoners were executed.
Much to their surprise and dismay, they found that the core experienced a total meltdown.
So a criminal investigation could still occur, much to the dismay of federal authorities.
What inspired me to write-beyond my own dismay-was the fury this provoked in the community.
No false comfort released her from dismay at present anguish.
Now, dismay and anxiety reverberated across the country.
To his dismay, television reporters and cameramen were milling on the steps and the sidewalk.
But several customers express dismay about all the commotion.
Many insects suck the juices of plants, much to the dismay of gardeners and farmers.
What the researcher discovered, to his dismay, was that each splattered wildebeest soon became a target of predators.
To the dismay of some and the delight of others, it calls for a balance between the interests of creators and the public.
Yet at the fringes of the aid donors' meeting, a wide measure of dismay over the government's policies could be found.
Both parties woo the amorphous middle, to the dismay of those voters who want political contours to be drawn sharply.
Close a steel mill, and the gasps of dismay go on for weeks.
The first effect was to baffle and dismay the financial markets.
She rose from the sofa in dismay and stood up facing him.
Alone with his thoughts, he shakes his head in dismay, mutters and then scratches something on a much folded sheet of white paper.
In reality, and to the dismay of the intellectual dissenters, there has been little evidence of such protest so far.
Red fox and racoons are prevalent, and much to the farmers' dismay, there is an abundance of white tail deer and groundhogs.
The chairman expressed his dismay at the loss of expertise.
But do no dismay, because you actually still can use this card, and it does work rather well.
To their dismay, many officials found that quarantines had no real impact on the spread of the disease.
Lately, and to her total dismay, she has even started growing facial hair.

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