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Example sentences for dismally

The completion rates at community colleges are dismally low.
The one thing all parties seemed to agree on was that medical science has dismally failed to get a grip on the disease.
Alas this model has failed dismally in its own terms: serious crime has been at unacceptable levels for three decades.
Rarely, or never, has such an epic problem as global warming been so dismally handled.
The doubters seemed vindicated when the team performed dismally in the cup qualifiers.
And those who remain are failing dismally to adapt to the changing times.
But her two terms as prime minister ended dismally, amid accusations of corruption.
Unskilled wages do remain dismally low, yet plenty of evidence points to broadening prosperity.
Characters remark dismally and repeatedly that it is raining.
Ammunition stocks were dismally low and precision weapons a luxury.
He candidly examines why some operations succeeded while others failed, sometimes dismally.
It labels a dismally failing school in the same way as one that performs well in every subgroup but one.
The current computer forecasts are dismally inaccurate.
The forecast skill of current climate models for this mode is dismally low for reasons not well understood.
Then they tried to pull him out, but failed equally dismally.
Approaches that work in one location can fail dismally at another.

Famous quotes containing the word dismally

It's a dismally lonely business, writing.... more
... aside from the financial aspect, [there] is more: the life of my work. I feel that is all I came into the world for,... more
It is easy and dismally enervating to think of opposition as merely perverse or actually evil—far more in... more
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