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But for her every dismal observation, a jaunty little lamb counters with a sunny-side-up perspective.
This is why economics gets known as the dismal science.
The state of science education in some countries is truly dismal.
Automakers start 2009 with a dismal month.
Minter is looking at a housing collapse to spark a deflationary spiral — a dismal period of falling prices.
Satire may have a pretty dismal record at the box office, but at least one studio won't be dissuaded.
Hollywood finishes dismal box-office year.
In an overcrowded, dismal world, Trella gets involved with a revolutionary prophet.
Who dare call it the dismal science? Studying economics sounds boring to some.
It's now bumped up to a still-dismal 29%.
Jake has a happy and loving family; Lucy's home life is dismal.
Sometimes a tatty garden space looks almost too dismal to tackle.
The report stresses the dismal condition of the labor market and anemic job growth during the recovery.
But low petroleum prices, a high birthrate, and austere policies produced a dismal economic picture.
The political and ideological arguments that arise out of this contradiction make for a dismal spectacle.
These tactics are not going to improve the credit-card industry's dismal reputation.
His performance was so dismal it demands explanation.
It cast a dismal sheen on the protests which, at this time yesterday, had seemed almost triumphant.
But the financial crisis and its long, dismal aftermath have changed all that.
HP wants to reinvent itself for business customers in the face of a dismal outlook, and there's already been some bloodshed.
But it's a dismal answer, one that city leaders have made clear they don't want to hear.
Or, said a different way: the research might be a resounding success but the drama a dismal failure.
In spite of upward blips, it is going to get worse, with results ranging from dismal to dreadful.
In another dismal first the author lampoons his own villains.
With stability this dismal, the specs are largely irrelevant.
In general, people want to grow out of their dismal situations to attain the lifestyles they desire.
It's gonna take all these imperfect methods combined to replace our dismal array of fossil fuels.
In the end, we've tried nuclear power and it was a dismal failure.
The science of diet should be referred to as the dismal science rather than economics.
It is especially dismal that the police should be so shamed in this of all weeks.
Your piece reflected a dismal standard of reporting.
The city has had a dismal stretch, even by its standards.
But even by that dismal standard, this year marks a new low.
After his dismal debates, party panjandrums no longer take his famed electoral smarts for granted.
Although growth has returned, the latest jobs figures are dismal and house repossessions continue to rise.
Yet hundreds of millions of dollars in research and dozens of clinical trials have yielded only dismal results.
Fallout begins for retailers after dismal holiday season.
Faced with rising unemployment and a dismal stock market, consumers are spending less on holiday gifts this year.
Education has been dismal in this country for decades.
The morning of the camping trip arrives and it is a dismal day of pouring rain.
No wonder the recitation of history is so dismal in the last two books.
The outlook is truly dismal but there must be a way to avoid it.
It is dismal to think so, and worse to imagine how they might explain the principle to their students.
Your chances of winning, however dismal they are, all depend on whether or not you know what you are doing.
Nonetheless, if an artist aims to mature, he might find it expedient to dispense with that dismal wisdom.
They have dismal college-enrollment and graduation rates.
In a dismal fiscal environment, there are few deals this good.
They have struggled for years to regain their pre-Katrina enrollments and to boost dismal graduation rates.
They have dismal career prospects, lousy pay and no job security.
Professors probably do a bad job advising graduate students on their dismal job prospects.
The situation is absolutely dismal, especially in the current economic climate.
He describes university gatherings as dismal and his colleagues as pompous.
And your challenge--to not replicate your dismal experience with your students.
These dismal stories have grown familiar, but it is what happened next that tangles our instincts.
Our local streets and roads are in poor-to-dismal repair.
Forecasts suggest that holiday-season sales will be even lower this year than last year's dismal showing.
His own editorial ventures were brilliant in their audacity but dismal in their financial returns.
One brief sigh sufficed to carry off the entire burden of these dismal reminiscences.
Such are, frequently, the dismal fruits and blindness of pride.
Meanwhile the dismal cavalcade had traversed the crowd amid yells of joy and the struggles of the curious.

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