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Example sentences for disinterested

But there are a handful of more disinterested views of the settlement.
By doing so, it turns disinterested onlookers in my family into interested participants with a surprisingly human experience.
No intelligent disinterested citizen would willingly select such a pavement at his own proper expense.
So, those shy students and/or disinterested students all sit there.
But there are a handful of more disinterested people, and they mostly criticise the settlement.
She denies that they were prompted by any disinterested considerations in coming to our rescue.
One prisoner apparently was a disinterested spectator who had a pistol in his pocket.
The faculty members were all swamped with large teaching loads, and the graduate students seemed disinterested.
The panel seems to regard these pieces as disinterested science, rather than counter-advocacy from committed environmentalists.
The military bureaucracy has been disinterested in her work on protecting civilians for years.
We are meant to think that, as a disinterested truth-seeker, she was getting it from both sides.
If you don't it makes it seem as if you are disinterested.
They rarely get such a disinterested view of their own work.
Of course their presence is not entirely disinterested.
The president and board have a reputation for being obsessed with athletics and disinterested in academics.
Another, opposite tactic is to enlist the help of disinterested outsiders.
They are not disinterested servants of the public good.
Most importantly, though, it has opened to disinterested investigation an area of human behaviour that all too rarely sees it.
But several more disinterested observers also support them.
For more disinterested observers-economists, for instance-the current behaviour of the markets is grimly fascinating.
They are more accurate because the people are diverse and disinterested.
There is no way that his government can propose a disinterested reform.
In professional contexts they come across as rude and/or disinterested.
For sure, support group members are not disinterested parties.
As a consequence, many of them become disinterested.
Burnout, feeling overwhelmed and unprepared hardly qualify as being disinterested.
They are not disinterested observers of natural phenomena with a new and interesting view of the evidence.
Fans of this tournament have been tagged a rowdy, disinterested bunch.
Instead of any diminution, there is need of a great increase of disinterested exertion to promote the good of others.
Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education-disinterested inquiry.
For these journals critical prose exists not to provide a disinterested perspective on new books but to publicize them.
And no matter how spiritual or disinterested our ends may be, taken by themselves, our relation to them is typically economic.
Of course he's far from disinterested, as he uses part of the book to discuss his own addiction.
He wanted a disinterested group at the top that couldn't be swayed.
Only three participants described themselves as somewhat to fairly disinterested, and only one was not at all interested.
When a discovery order is directed at a disinterested third-party, however, the order is appealable.

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