disinfect in a sentence

Example sentences for disinfect

People with any brains periodically clean and disinfect their sinks.
If you decide to keep the carpeting, hire a licensed carpet cleaning company to steam clean and disinfect the carpet.
Most treatment processes are simply designed to disinfect the water.
Let's track and disinfect all asteroids that threaten to land elsewhere.
If you have an object that you can move outside, the sun's rays can help disinfect it.
They also plan to disinfect and make repairs on their own facilities for the day when they can restock their land.
Also, disinfect your humidifier to stop the spread of mold or bacteria in the air.
And they certainly are spread by buying used mattresses where the vendors want a quick profit and dont disinfect properly.
Especially in hot climates, where meat spoils quickly, people traditionally use spices to disinfect their food.
So in reality, these so-called bailouts infect the other countries rather than disinfect them.
For example, in the past, boric acid was used to disinfect and treat wounds.
The pool system is designed to circulate, filter and disinfect the water to improve its clarity and quality.
Jays disinfect clubhouse after second player has staph.
And, it is important to disinfect counters that have come into contact with meats, he advised.
If you can't boil water, you can disinfect it using household bleach.
Chlorite is a byproduct formed when chlorine dioxide is used to disinfect water.
If disinfectants are unavailable, bleach and water can be used to disinfect surfaces.
We were unable to access your house to disinfect your plumbing system.
Immediately wash and disinfect any wound that comes in contact with sewage.
The down time allows the chlorine to properly disinfect the water in the well and piping system.
Bromate is formed when ozone used to disinfect drinking water reacts with naturally occurring bromide found in source water.
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