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Example sentences for disillusion

To see a poet near at hand, to see him in his own home, is generally matter for disillusion.
After long conflicts, the second set of elections is often a story of unrealistic expectation turned to disillusion and apathy.
Artificial intelligence has gone through these cycles of optimism and hype followed by disillusion and collapse.
There is less disillusion here than continuing rage.
But by then the voters were showing signs of disillusion with the failure of the reformers to bring about change.
Illusion is the currency of our culture: disillusion is its inflation.
But relief is already being followed by disillusion.
Disillusion destroys the rapture of the introductory scene.
Innovations of costume rendered this disillusion more complete.
Work starts, but political pressure causes the specification to change, so costs spiral and disillusion grows.
And his widow's bereavement was further darkened by her knowledge of that ultimate disillusion.
The lack of instant or short-term results often leads to a sense of disillusion with particular leaders.
Negative experiences resulting from poorly prepared audits tend to frustrate and disillusion audited organizations.
The themes of change, history, disillusion and humor figure prominently in her work.
Much of the disillusion with these stocks involves concern over the lack of future growth.

Famous quotes containing the word disillusion

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