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Most days, the building blends into the landscape of dishwater-colored hills.
Dispose of dishwater in the main current of the river.
For example, the shower could wait until the dishwater is done.
If the river is muddy, allow dishwater to settle and remove sediment before use.
Restaurants are required to install grease traps or interceptors to catch grease before it washes down the pipes with dishwater.
Discharge of dishwater or gray water on the ground is prohibited.
So, one morning she's out, throw out some dishwater.
Strain liquids, including dishwater, and deposit them in the river.
Dishwater must be disposed of through proper sanitary facilities: it must not be discharged on or into the ground.
Dishwater may be dumped into the drains beneath the water faucets.
It is used in the cleaning of dairy equipment and as a disinfectant in laundries and dishwater.
Once the fire goes out and the dishwater dries, enough food will remain to attract bears.
Dig a small hole to strain dishwater into, and then cover back up.
Reuse water rather than discarding it, for example, divert used dishwater to your garden rather than down the drain.
When camping, strain your dishwater, then throw away the food particles in an appropriate container.

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Novels as dull as dishwater, with the grease of random sentiments floating on top.... more
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