dishpan in a sentence

Example sentences for dishpan

When hand-washing dishes, use a dishpan or a stopper in the sink.
When hand-washing dishes or fruits and vegetables, fill a dishpan with water instead of letting the tap run continuously.
If a dishwasher is not available, use a dishpan or plug the sink for washing and rinsing dishes.
Take the pop can with some sort of tongs so you do not burn yourself and place pop can in the dishpan water top-down.
Use a dishpan or plug the sink for washing and rinsing dishes, if a dishwasher is not available.
Place the plastic toter on the plastic dishpan or on a tray of plastic- covered plywood to catch any spills.
Use one dishpan for washing and one for rinsing when doing dishes by hand.
Instead of letting the water run when hand washing dishes, use a dishpan or fill the sink with water.
Keep the pictures in an open container such as a plastic dishpan.
Bedrolls stacked to the wagon bows and dishpan banging behind, the lordly cook drives to the next camp.
Place large dishpan on floor in which a smaller pan is set.
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