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Surely you know there are ways to be dishonest without outright lying.
Her new crackdown on dishonest nutritional claims by food manufacturers is a welcome sign that she means business.
Taxis are ubiquitous and cheap, but watch out for dishonest drivers.
In fact, this practice makes universities appear to be both greedy and dishonest.
Or what a dishonest computer-repair technician could do to your computer or network.
It's a trade school discipline with dishonest luxury branding.
However, it is dishonest to scare people into buying products.
Even if he understands his job description, being dishonest in pursuit of it is an undesirable characteristic.
Violating the bounds of a relationship and a social contract is blatantly dishonest.
The student may not be plagiarizing, but she is being intellectually dishonest.
In a nation with such breakneck economic growth and an overburdened judicial system the dishonest frequently win.
It was stupendously dishonest and unethical lending by rich people to poor people.
But maybe its his own biases he's expressing so he is dishonest himself but avoids being fraudulent.
While not dishonest in the same manner as plagiarism, it does promote criticism without responsibility.
Distorting anyone's words via the use of ellipses is dishonest and betrays a shoddy application of editorial standards.
Students who are routinely dishonest at home are not routinely dishonest at school.
Not only are universities businesses, they are more dishonest than your average business.
Those who insist on giving the credit exclusively to the state stimuli are simply dishonest.
The biometrics industry has been dishonest from the start.
What a perfectly dishonest misuse of the concept of paradigm.
Since the arrest took place after you sent in the form, you were not dishonest in any way.
By peddling intellectually dishonest ideas they are misleading the public.
So presenting this as fact is inaccurate and dishonest.
Schwartz and his colleague writers are either intellectually disabled or, more likely, being intellectually dishonest.
Again, to blame solar power for these kinds of problems is unfair and dishonest.
Anyone who claims that they have never had these feelings--and been justified in them--is being dishonest.
Remarkably unhelpful as well as a remarkably dishonest framing of the situation.
The former regard the latter as dishonest and thin-skinned.
It's easier to talk about cuts when you're dishonest about what retirement is.
Boycott dishonest and biased media is our freedom also.
In many ways, the entire financial crisis comes down to the dishonest pricing of risk.
But the temptation to be dishonest often comes in insidious ways.
In the measurement science community, it is regarded as intellectual dishonest to report a survey mean isolated from its context.
He sees all his intimates differently-either as neurotic and dishonest or as surprisingly benevolent.
He feels that the blower manufacturers are dishonest in their statements and that the blowers don't work anyhow.
There's something dishonest about the master-disciple relationship.
Trade was distasteful to him-he found it dishonest and cheap.
Of course, he had been dishonest before, and dictators can spin obvious nonsense for years.
But if you are known to be dishonest, even once in a serious matter, you will never be trusted.
It's not considered journalistically dishonest to publish editorials.
Maybe he is embittered by his own experience with obtuse or dishonest venture capitalists.
The boom in mergers has provided more scope to make a dishonest buck ahead of deals.
To use politically correct language, although not dishonest, can involve an uncomfortable change in behaviour.
Its henchmen can be brutal and dishonest, but they are also pretty good at their jobs.
Dishonest people will will junk economics to justify and maintain their power.
Being a biblical literalist is dishonest and basically throwing all reason out the door.
Universities are notoriously dishonest with these kinds of statistics.
It's dishonest and harkens back to the days of shills in the crowd.
Ah, another one who thinks that smarts inherently comes with a dishonest nature.
Will was dishonest with other premises in that column at well.
And sometimes, especially if the other side is dishonest, a more insolent tack is called for.
It's a game and deliberately dishonest form of debate.
That's an intellectually dishonest way of dealing with scholarship.
He was a dishonest candidate last time and he's dishonest today, trying to remake himself into something he's not.
The following tips are offered to prevent you from falling prey to a dishonest mechanic.
Dishonest brokers often pump up the prices of their house stocks until they get rid of their own holdings at high prices.
Displays high standards of ethical conduct by refraining from dishonest behavior.
Dishonest merchants are cashing in on bait-and-switch scams and gray-market goods.
And that's when they were being dishonest or offensive.
And while it almost never happens, you might be unlucky enough to get a dishonest cabbie.
It is intellectually dishonest, but as it is graduation day, the hypocrisy is ignored.

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