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Example sentences for dished

Expect profits to be regularly reinvested into growing the company, not hoarded or dished out in dividends.
Mama's face was flushed, and her hair escaped its bun to curl in damp tendrils as she dished up the breakfast plates.
The stories of richly-dressed foundlings that are dished up in the newspapers at intervals are pure fiction.
It has a slightly dished conical shape which puts the pinhole back inside the body.
In the experiments, males dished out more severe punishments to females of comparable size to them.
The authorities say that land will be dished out through open tenders.
She dished out plenty of glares this season and openly questioned her team's motivation to win.
The honey is used to make treats, such as honey-pecan ice cream dished out at ice cream socials in the lobby.
And he dished out some grisly entertainment for those who liked their prizefight stories raw and red.
It is dished out in small portions and devoured by kids as if it were chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day.
And the best recipes are handed down in the family from chefs who dished up a lot of bad stew until they got it right.
In general, when viewed straight on, the face of a grizzly bear appears dished and broad.
In addition, several areas exhibit cupules or dished out circular depressions in the rock surfaces.
Meals may be pre-dished or family style meal service may be used.
The hemispherical heads are made from dished plates or forgings.
The punishment that is dished out appears to be all over the map.

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For conspiracy, I know not how it tastes, though it be dished For me to try how.... more
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