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Never let an inexperienced cook attempt a new dish for company, no matter how attractive her description of it may sound.
The host chooses the theme, makes the main dish, and the rest bring additional dishes.
She sometimes foists off a main dish as her own when it was actually bought at a gourmet shop.
Serve this low-fuss main dish topped with a dollop of sour cream and guacamole and a side of crunchy tortilla chops.
She found the dish on the menu, and asked what kind of chilies were in the dish.
Cover bottom of dish with boiling water, and bake in a hot oven until soft, basting often with syrup in dish.
Drain twelve sardines and cook in a chafing-dish until heated, turning frequently.
Put in serving dish and cover with top made of puff paste.
Add remaining ingredients, turn into a buttered dish, and bake in a slow oven until firm.
Put a layer of fish on buttered dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and add a few drops of lemon juice.
Turn in a buttered pudding-dish, and bake thirty-five minutes in a slow oven.
Turn into an earthen pudding-dish, cover, and cook slowly three and one-half hours.
He used a ball from one of the deodorants and a butter dish to fabricate a model for the mouse.
Of course, our writing group is also a place to dish gossip.
Toss half a lemon or so in the dish water when doing dishes.
Before me a chafing dish filled with congealing pigs-in-a-blanket reminds me of my formerly bulbous thighs.
My dissertations students have given me a ceramic dish, a bottle of champagne, and picture frames.
She stuck to preparing the same dish over and over even when those at the table never asked for seconds.
It works really well for cleaning out the fridge, and at the same time discovering tasty new dish.
Also quite tasty in red beans and rice, another iconic southern dish.
Remove dish from the oven, and pour batter on top of the hot melted butter.
Pour into a shallow ovenproof dish and stand the dish in a baking tin.
Transfer the rice to a shallow baking dish and sprinkle the vinegar over it.
Inside, volunteers busily set tables, stir boiling pots and dish out plates of food they've been planning and preparing for weeks.
In the same stone dish, heat the rest of the lard and add the pureed sauce and let it boil for a few minutes.
The waiter tells you that the kitchen is out of a certain dish on the menu.
Everyone brings their best dish to share and the variety is fantastic.
On that note: when you're ready to unmold your gelatin, place the mold in lukewarm water to release your dish in one jiggly piece.
They were clustered in a little heap, after dividing in a petri dish for almost three weeks.
We dish about cheaters or people who wrong someone close to us, which helps to keep potential malefactors in line.
When a soapy dish detergent is added to water, it lowers the surface tension so that bubbles can form.
After briefly watching my computer screen, he began the task of installing the satellite dish on the roof.
The prime minister seized the chance and served up the dish himself in an impromptu press conference.
It is suspected he can dish the dirt on other former police chiefs.
Within four days all the servers are ready to dish up videos, send e-mails or crunch a firm's customer data.
In practice, many of the local trusts that dish the money out do not pay for any cycles at all.
And each is housing ever more servers, the powerful computers that crunch and dish up data.
They even blame church groups, who dish out soup and kind words, for sustaining chaotic lifestyles.
He had gotten into the dish washing products and the water bottles, which were located on both sides of the garbage cabinet.
Previously, this process had required growing the stem cells in a culture dish with nutrients from mouse cells.
Push the needle through the opening of a short straw and float it in a shallow dish of water.
The pasta sauce and noodles will get one too, as will the dish soap.
No one will ever guess that such a dish could be made from shelf-stable food ingredients.
Chill, if desired, and serve as an appetizer with tortilla chips or as a topping or accompaniment for any dish.
Serve as a side dish topped with oyster sauce that has been mixed with a pinch of sugar.
Thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight, placing it in a dish to catch any water that melts off.
It is great as a raw dish but equally fantastic as a grilled or roasted dish.
Scoop guacamole into a serving dish and sprinkle with chopped cilantro.
As a final touch, sprinkle some fresh thyme leaves over this deeply flavored dish.
As a shortcut for this delicious dish you can use frozen spinach and artichoke hearts instead of fresh.
Shorn to edibility, the artichoke releases its sweetness, as it does in this simple but memorable dish.
The chiles fall apart as the dish cooks, giving the meat a mellow, earthy spiciness.
Best of all, though, you can add garnishes to transform any stew from comfort food to a stylish party dish.
Little bundles of fresh fish make a stunning presentation in this dish.
Consider this grilled seafood dish, which is seasoned with a lean broth flavorful enough to work as a sauce.
Before the stock goes into the dish, it's finished with more butter.
The country's infernally complex ingredients seem chemically incapable of melding into a digestible dish.
It improved on its predecessor with a new design that makes each dish substantially lighter and cheaper to manufacture.
Then one of them would forget to wash out a petri dish and voilĂ : penicillin.
Before sequencing was available at a reasonable price, microbes were identified by growing them in a petri dish.
If anything can revive tired taste buds in space, this dish is it.
His work led him to develop a petri-dish protocol for testing whether a substance can cause such mutations.
Then they mixed the slime mold together, adding several million cells from different pairs of isolates to a single dish.
After they've doled out some positive verdicts, they are compelled to dish out some negative ones for balance.
At the time, he was thrilled by the theatre of the dish.
Certainly, if you order one of the obvious standards of the bistro menu, you can get the boring dish you deserve.
It is a dish that has become an extension of himself, that he has perfected, and to which he has earned the copyright.
As the mouse reads his book, he reaches without looking toward a dish on the table.
Anyone planning to serve a new dish to guests is well advised to practice it.
The accompanying lentils only made the dish drearier.
Pounded flat and fried, the fowl was juicy and crisp, though nearly outshone by its side dish of creamy mashed potatoes.
In a dish of grilled squid, the sepia tails are basically sausage casings, stuffed with a spicy mix of chorizo and rice.
Placed before her is a dish of seafood with ratatouille.
Dave has backed away, pretending to do something else, his ears all satellite dish.
Clem roasts garlic cloves, boils cardamom pods, and simmers the green-peppercorn-bourbon sauce for his steak dish.
The intense, aromatic corn brings a powerful flavor to every dish.
After the dish was served, he went home for a siesta.
Up this winter dish's flavor with cubes of apple and caraway seeds.
Bright and refreshing, it's the dish to turn to as the weather turns hot.
It takes time to prepare, but it's the perfect dish to warm up the kitchen--and your soul.
In this week's roundup, we're sharing our favorite ways to switch up your holiday side dish spread.
Shake dish gently from side to side and, when flan moves freely in dish, invert a large platter with a lip over dish.
Put about two thirds of potato mixture in soufflé dish, pushing it up sides to create a well in center.
Moisten the edges and press them carefully around the rim of the dish.
Transfer to baking dish and cover tightly with buttered foil.
Put tomatoes in baking dish and sprinkle all over with sugar mixture.
Layer potatoes in baking dish, overlapping slightly and sprinkling each layer with some of salt mixture and some of butter.
Some of the mutations probably arise from the evolutionary pressure of growing in a dish.
Help keep the grants flowing-- more cash in the feeding dish.
To perform the test, physicians collect a small sample of skin cells, which are then grown in a dish.
The researchers first took embryonic stem cells and transformed them in a dish into motor neurons.
It's no secret that the cost of a restaurant dish tends to mirror its complexity.
The answer is that the world would ultimately be a much less delectable dish if it were only composed of truffles.

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