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But there are plenty of less disgusting-and more fun and educational-ways to learn about science through food.
They have no kitchens and simply microwave disgusting, prepackaged food.
These were disgusting birds with the heads of maidens, with long claws and faces pale with hunger.
Many of the remedies used by the people of the country are ludicrously strange, but too disgusting to be mentioned.
She felt accused of dishonesty, and the idea was disgusting.
The animal lacks even true eyes but it does have an incredible, and somewhat disgusting, defense mechanism.
The types of places populating this list are filled with the weird, dangerous, and disgusting.
One was bigger than the other and they also felt slimy and spongy, but they looked more disgusting.
The natron packed inside her absorbed so much fluid that it became goopy, smelly, and disgusting.
The text written above is a disgusting chunk of propaganda as the first commenter has already stated.
In the process you outline a disgusting misuse of philosophy.
Life in the woods without electricity is really disgusting.
It is disgusting, inhuman, lack of manners and no explanation can cover for the fact that academia needs to get its act together.
For example, he is stabbed three times during the course of his journey by disgusting and horrible creatures.
Ultimately they will be their own punishment and you will be far away from their disgusting, worthless selves.
There's a definite caste system, and it is disgusting.
The article was bad, but the comments are downright disgusting.
They are quite right, these champions of the world's poor, that poverty in an age of plenty is shameful and disgusting.
It's disgusting, wrong-headed, and contrary to both fairness and economic principles.
It may hide it for only a short while but latter make those lips look disgusting.
We'd suggest making your own, but the idea is a little too disgusting.
It is disgusting that such bigotry was so entrenched in even the north in those days.
The content of this article was more disgusting than the cellulite it was describing.
Pigs are disgusting filthy creatures that should phased out of our food chain.
The urban dictionary seems to allow uneducated, disgusting commentary.
Disgusting how our species is destroying the biosphere.
Wrapping their politics in the robe of science is disgusting.
It's disgusting how people are destroying the planet.
Your disregard for the native population is disgusting.
Vigorous debate is one thing, the comments he made are disgusting.
It's when blood comes into the open that it gets to be disgusting.
Eyes swollen and drippy to a grotesque level of disgusting hideousness.
Today's question deals with the disgusting stuff that winds up on the dugout floor every night.
Sadly, people are going to pay her a lot of money, and it's disgusting.
Hotel sheets can be incredible, but they can also be really, really disgusting.
Politicians fill their pockets with bribe money to promote this disgusting event.
Many readers will find my field experiment disgusting, weird, and perhaps barbaric.
Every time a tweet they send gets retweeted, the air freshener emits a disgusting wonderful scent.
It sounds disgusting and gives an inaccurate impression of the work done by the people who are labeled with it.
The coverage of this war in the press and on television has been disgusting.
It is disgusting and sometimes tiresome, often in the same places.
Her rare moments of ecstasy, when she stands on one leg and glues up her round eyes with filmy eyelids, are stunningly disgusting.
By the tIme it got to camp, it was actually pretty disgusting-looking.
Food in its disgusting deliciousness is repeatedly anatomized.
And, of course, he lives in a place where people think snoek is absolutely disgusting.
People would point at him and make disgusting comments.
The mind reels at all of this disgusting and reprehensible behavior.
Both objects and behaviour can be described as disgusting.
Doctors are rediscovering a disgusting but true bit of folk wisdom: maggots make a great cure for infected wounds.
Attempting to control people via taxing is disgusting.
While adherents swear by the concoction, there is no scientific reason why something so disgusting would make anyone feel better.
We're about to talk about some seriously disgusting stuff.

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