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Confidentiality is guaranteed, and identifying items in published letters are always disguised.
Actually, this is overstatement disguised as a truth.
Confidentiality is guaranteed, and identifying details are disguised.
The thinly disguised screener for the start of every new relationship.
Witness a mantis disguised as a flower petal lure its prey to doom.
There's also the question of why anyone would need something disguised as a mirror.
There you go again, sneaking in a poorly disguised political rant as a scientific article.
Note the one on the right disguised as a fountain pen.
Odors that are sweet could be easily disguised by perfumes.
And all estimates are probably low since many suicides are disguised as or mistaken for accidents.
My ambition was not well disguised, but it was ignored.
And, of course, it is-high theatrical art disguised as low comedy.
Essentially, a well-disguised variation on the strong-side blitz.
She disguised her appearance and raided his mailbox for some clue about his life.
She flailed about in paroxysms of disguised bewilderment, drinking and clowning and cursing and showing off.
Soon they meet again, disguised as beggars, and take refuge in her house.
The gender-bias remained, but better disguised because neurasthenia had disappeared from common use.
The extract odor was disguised with a fragrance, and subjects never guessed the nature of the test substance.
Please take your poorly disguised political views to a political website.
Mind control disguised as temperance for the better good is still mind control.
The station did not identify the guard, and disguised his face and voice.
As you can see from the photo, they aren't exactly conducive to being disguised.
The only people who would be disguised by such a gimmick are those who are already unknown.
It was an approach that blended fact and fiction, and represented their agendas thinly disguised as stories.
Financial conjurors suddenly discovered that their tricks for making risk vanish had only disguised it.
It has sewn explosives into its bombers' shoes and underwear, and disguised bombs as printer cartridges.
But some economists have denounced the plan as a disguised subsidy posing as a market solution.
It is, in other words, a disguised industrial subsidy.
And, crucially, they have been permitted to raise fees-often in a disguised form to evade nominal government-imposed limits.
The stimulus was thinly disguised political payback.
In the corporate sector lax accounting standards disguised the true cost of providing pensions.
The final disguised cost of oil is the damage it does to the environment and human health.
The effect was disguised for a while by a higher volume of transactions.
The effects of falling productivity growth are well disguised at present but none the less worrying for that.
The industrial collapse that followed the end of communism has disguised the impending shortfall in generating capacity.
The snag is that elsewhere it has been partly disguised by the poor performance of investment in other things.
He had set the detonation timer, disguised as a calculator, when seeing her off to the airport.
Even the president himself failed to silence the chatter, and he barely disguised his irritation.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end, and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
Her charm disguised a fundamental disconnect from other people.
But this bizarre proposition is only a disguised form of the skeptical point that there are in fact no rights against the state.
In the hands of court poets or polite romancers the original stories were, of course, often disguised beyond easy recognition.
The dream takes advantage of this symbolism in order to give a disguised representation to its latent thoughts.
We say that the omitted dream speeches, which were disguised by a murmuring, were also sacrifices to a censorship.
Literature and taste, indeed, still disguised with a flush of hectic loveliness and brilliancy the ravages of an incurable decay.
In other displacement-witticisms the displacement is disguised and our attention is riveted by the effort to discover it.
The traitors could easily be distinguished by their insolence disguised as obsequiousness.
These proposed regulations are intended to provide guidance regarding disguised sales of partnership interests.
These payments were disguised on company books as payments to legitimate vendors.
Correctional officers mistake cleverly disguised suicide attempts as normal behavior.
Employees disguised as ducks waddling down the aisle.
The law's text is a tissue of barely disguised bigotry.

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