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Buy unsalted butter; salting butter is a way to disguise lack of freshness so salted butter is older on average.
Then she disguised herself and took the shape of another old woman.
How to decorate and disguise backyard walls.
In constructing a proper disguise, there is no place for vanity or pride.
Really? I spent hours perfecting that disguise.
Calling it therapy, or medicine is just a disguise.
His disguise: sunglasses, a flat tweed cap and a checked shirt.
However, the perky tone cannot completely disguise the pedantry.
In the blazer, which was part of my disguise, was three thousand dollars.
But no one bothered to rename the letter to disguise who'd actually written it.
Surprisingly, all are the same problem, in disguise.
Written by a dog in disguise who's disgusted with domineering dog treats that purr, no doubt.
The spider uses this disguise to hide in plain day and pick off unsuspecting ants who venture too close.
The reason, younger people exercise too many psychological ploys to disguise their character.
In the private-equity game, a few big successes can disguise a lot mediocre investments, and even some duds.
The leaf-tailed gecko has folds of skin that help disguise its body.
My boots and chair and candlestick are fairies in disguise, meteors and constellations.
He also knows how to disguise them so that they do not easily disclose their origin in their despised sources.
The missiles are fired merely to disguise the effects of the space laser.
Hardly the place to attempt to disguise a right wing diatribe as gaming comment.
In the type of situation you described, the good players don't really have a way to disguise their intentions.
It is, in other words, the beginnings of a bail-out in disguise.
The continuity of the brand name helps to disguise the fact that the product itself has been through several life cycles.
Many other strange creatures turn out to be familiar faces in disguise.
Floating to the top, it is scooped up and recycled, using chemicals to disguise the smell.
The longer decimal hour will helpfully disguise this change from unwilling workaholics.
In particular, the role of perfume as an olfactory disguise is obvious.
Glycerine here was meant to disguise the taste of chloral hydrate.
Securities regulators contributed to the problem, frowning on boom-time reserve-building as possible profit-smoothing in disguise.
He teaches them how to cook one dish so that it resembles another and how to disguise bad food.
Indeed, countries routinely disguise protectionism as health and safety concerns.
It is an attempt to disguise relevant information as personal information.
The dictator would likely be replaced by yet another despot in disguise.
The effect is handsome, but it cannot disguise the fact these are not paintings for the faint hearted.
In a show full of liars and cons and truths that disguise themselves as cons, he's an easy mark for ruses and misdirection.
He was usually so upbeat, and when he wasn't, he was still able to disguise his feelings.
He nowhere appears entirely without disguise, but the leading character in all these pieces is clearly the writer of them.
His soothing tones, however, can't disguise a relish for the fray: beneath the silver-fox exterior beats a rabble-rousing heart.
The audition in disguise isn't confined to the ballet world.
Hair weaving, hairpieces, or change of hairstyle may disguise the hair loss.
Ultimately, this saving trend may be a blessing in disguise.
He is bitten by a radioactive spider, discovers his new powers and develops his now well-known disguise.
Her skirt and lace ruff disguise legs and a neck half again as long as any conceivably normal proportions.
Money laundering occurs when criminals disguise proceeds from criminal activities as legitimate funds.
Even with these current laws lenders can hide or disguise charges.

Famous quotes containing the word disguise

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