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Example sentences for disgruntled

Every program has its disgruntled students.
In all likelihood, this will all play out in front of said disgruntled patients and anyone else who happens to be passing.
The disgruntled customer enters a tape-recording booth and tells his grievances to a machine.
By then most of the disgruntled fans had left.
The whole plot, he charged, had been engineered by a disgruntled drama critic who had failed to get tickets for opening night.
Americans are growing disgruntled with their jobs.
In places where I have worked, the happy adjuncts outnumbered the disgruntled ones greatly.
When we went on strike, the fans were disgruntled.
Police and co-workers described him as a disgruntled former employee.
Physicians are disgruntled by their inability to practice the way they'd like.
But nobody wants an unpleasant robot in his or her life-any more than one wants to be saddled with a disgruntled human helper.
Eventually the agents arrested three disgruntled employees who had set fire to furniture in the ballroom.
If any disgruntled people stop reading you're blog, then they'll be missing an enjoyable and informative read.
And all those other disgruntled retired generals presumably waiting in the wings stayed quiet.
Merrill's shares tanked, its credit rating was cut and a deeply disgruntled board met to hammer out a response to the crisis.
Still, even he will have to heed the more disgruntled of his subjects.
Today many businessmen in and around the capital are disgruntled.
In particular, it is struggling to find a growth strategy that will enthuse disgruntled shareholders.
Other disgruntled financiers have threatened to follow.
When talk does turn to politics, the mood is disgruntled.
Peacekeeping has also provided an escape-route for disgruntled senior officers.
In a suit brought by disgruntled opposition parties, the court ruled that votes belong to parties, not individual representatives.
Actually, we're raising an army of disgruntled bibliophiles.
Lets not let disgruntled hearts and ignorance interfere with our desires to earn an advanced degree check it out for yourself.
It is almost a tautology that faculty are disgruntled.
By the time a disgruntled employee is fired, the damage is usually already done.
Many western faculty who arrived only one month ago are already disgruntled.
Any reader would do well to remember that disgruntled ex-employees make poor reporters.
Usually all you hear on the web is from disgruntled people giving their side of a slanted story.
Given your background, you sound disgruntled and bitter and angry.
Make it clear that you are not interested in disputing your grade or in any way a disgruntled student.
It reflects the view of a disgruntled litigants, not reality.
It is possible for sabotage to be performed by disgruntled employees and members of adversary nations.
The phrase probably brings to mind incidents that the media increasingly report of disgruntled workers wielding deadly weapons.
Court buildings are visited by a large volume of disgruntled and even lawbreaking citizens.
As the popularity of non-profit organization's vehicle donation programs increase, incidents of disgruntled donors rise.
Anonymous threat by an outsider, or internal threat by a disgruntled employee.
Good service recovery programs can turn frustrated, disgruntled, or even furious patients or members into loyal ones.
Aggravation can be found daily in any marketplace from poor merchandise, confusing guarantees and disgruntled sales help.

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