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Petroleum suppliers and auto manufacturers alike understand the need to disentangle their business models from crude.
Poetry came to him slowly, and he had to disentangle it from more active growths of comic energy.
Let us disentangle identification as it occurs in the structure of a neurotic symptom from its rather complicated connections.
He learned to mentally disentangle the effects of meteor impacts to see the underlying rock types.
Nature's interdependent chains of cause and effect are usually too complex to disentangle.
They are equally convinced that they can easily disentangle the biases from reality.
One therefore cannot disentangle what the receiver will get out of them from what the sender wanted to convey.
Fortunately, the past year has seen the publication of a series of results that help to disentangle signal and noise.
Nor is it easy to disentangle the effects of climate change from those of avoidable failures in policy.
In the longer term, the roles of poverty and race are difficult to disentangle.
Most countries' asylum policies struggle to disentangle humanitarian concern from immigration control.
And it will prevent them from borrowing so heavily from each other, helping to disentangle their interwoven balance sheets.
The conflict between sovereignty and safety here is even less easy to disentangle than it is in financial regulation.
In politics, it is seldom easy to disentangle what is right from what is handy.
The state is so intimately involved that it would be impossible to disentangle it from higher education.
In both films, fact and fiction are so intertwined that it is impossible to disentangle one from the other.
Even if he had been able, he would not have dared disentangle himself from the anchor rope.
Therefore, some care is needed to disentangle the effects of the program from other trends.

Famous quotes containing the word disentangle

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