disembark in a sentence

Example sentences for disembark

It's time to graduate and disembark when the students find out the ship is going to be taken apart.
He once called democracy a train from which to disembark on reaching one's destination.
When they both disembark at a station, he murders the soldier in revenge.
Some disembark for an overnight excursion along the way, usually a margarita-fueled rest at one of the few hotels on the route.
We disembark, climb into a pickup truck and bump through scrubby pastureland.
The marines had to disembark and wade to the beach while exposed to heavy enemy fire.
The repeat button pushers are likely trying to accomplish the same thing: to disembark as soon as possible.
Hovercraft will therefore be able to embark and disembark easily.
We disembark, wait for the orchestra to have souvenir pictures taken and board buses waiting on the tarmac.
The boat has six bicycles, so you can disembark at any point and explore the back streets of the city.
Guests will see majestic mountains and huge glaciers and disembark at towns along the way.
Nor did they help him disembark when the plane landed.
Along the way, guests disembark from the boat to take a nature walk in an uninhabited cay.
Another option is the hop-on, hop-off tour, which allows you to board and disembark at any of the docks.
If you need to disembark early due to an emergency or happen to miss the ship in a port of call, you may need to board a flight.
Ticket holders can disembark and return to the land train throughout the day.
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