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Thanks to all of you who participated in today's discussion.
The church bristles at discussion of such things, quite often to the extent of bringing in its lawyers.
These are not reasonable conditions for a general discussion of offsets.
Review the definitions in the context of the discussion.
Anecdote does not drive climate discussion unless there are abnormally warm temperatures.
Then it got debunked, and there was a lot of discussion about mangroves not building land.
The problem begins when they interrupt lecture or discussion to ask me to repeat irrelevant details.
Bring students back together for a discussion of their findings.
It would be wonderful to see this get a bit more coverage in this discussion.
There exists active discussion about why our bodies are warm and not cold.
When they have finished their research, bring students back together for a discussion.
Though frenzied seabed mapping clarifies the geology, economic incentives cloud the discussion.
Sampson starts things off not by diving into a discussion of bleeding-edge research, but by gradually setting the scene.
Space permits discussion of only a few of many that have broadened my personal knowledge.
Your observation is an interesting hypothetical discussion but only that.
View the paintings and read poetry aloud, followed by a discussion of the artwork.
The meeting had no agenda, and he wanted to give some structure to the discussion.
After a discussion on coral reefs and marine conservation, audience members may participate in a crochet workshop.
Whenever there is a discussion about nuclear power, the question arises about the sustainability of the uranium supply.
But in the hip-hop show, the inclusion of a grittier culture has produced discussion.
The article kicked off the first public discussion of nuclear interceptor missiles in many years.
It seems only one side of this discussion is allowed.
Many countries made a genuine attempt to set a new and equable tone for discussion and debate.
The entire senior school turned out for the presentation and discussion.
Read our feature to get their time-tested tips from our panel discussion.
No doubt this area of research will generate much discussion and debate in the years to come.
In the world of college admissions, these words bring about a flurry of discussion and debate.
Discussion and third party review was less open and frank.
In the discussion of alternative energy and fuels, algae have been bubbling to the top of the proverbial feedstock pool.
While in a discussion question our teacher posted the address for this article.
One way to begin a discussion might be to look up familiar words in a dictionary that provides etymology.
We are available for discussion with anyone on this subject.
Whatever it is a discussion of potential causes already eliminated would be much more informative than an open mystery.
If you're not willing to read or think at an adult level, there's no point having a discussion with you.
From time to time there is discussion of where public salaries are published when folks are job searching.
Cuomo had declared his top campaign priority, after an hour of discussion.
Join the group for a discussion about the artwork on display, then grab some alone time to sketch whatever inspires you.
He also noted that conversations typed on a computer take more time than a face to face discussion.
Under discussion will be anything that requires the spending of our tax dollars.
It's been written before, countless times, and adds nothing to the discussion.
Be careful not to let amiable discussion turn into contradiction and argument.
Their contributions to the thought of the period are reserved for discussion in the last section of this chapter.
But he should aim to write an orderly discussion supported by evidence, not a summary with occasional comment.
The sight was one which admitted of little discussion, as may be imagined.
Nor is there much discussion of it, of any interest or value, in the general philological literature.
Perkin's protest marks the beginning of a new phase in this discussion.
In the midst of an excited discussion an exclamation came from those nearest the door, and the camp stopped to listen.
But it is so fought over, even to-day, that a short discussion of it may be looked for.
The sectional element has happily been eliminated from the tariff discussion.
And now the time in special is, by privilege to write and speak what may help to the further discussion of matters in agitation.
Use the comment form below to begin a discussion about this content.
And they were tailored to the kitchen staff readership and designed to generate discussion.
It also stimulates discussion about what such powerful batteries could be used for.
We have presented this information mainly for discussion.
Much of the discussion centered on the difference between risk and uncertainty.
Logic and critical thought provide the framework for philosophical discussion.
It was interesting to watch the host's face during that discussion.
In this age and economy all of these are worthy of discussion.
Finally, there are those who profess boredom at all this discussion even as they participate in it.
The meeting would eventually devolve into a free-form discussion, devoid of structure or direction.
Experience in leading discussion seminars and/or teaching argumentative writing skills is required.
Next comes the discussion section, where you explain the significance of your results.
In the second section, discussion was considerably more subdued.
Here's the thing: no one wants to constantly stop a student discussion.
Rather, there is a sense that more discussion of the next policy step is needed.
Clearly, they help to stimulate discussion and marshal action, and they let governments trawl for and test proposals.
There is a lively discussion about whether it is good or bad.
If they accept, they must declare any relationship or conflict of interest they have with the subject under discussion.
Thus discussion focused on different ways to modernise, but did not question the goal itself.
Even if discussion ever turns into legislation, it will be a pale shadow of what was once hoped for.
Conduct a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy.
Conclude with a discussion of the reasons why weather maps can be useful.
Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the discussion on global warming.
Certainly our gallery visitors don't want to get into a deep philosophical discussion with a cranky curmudgeon.
We publish these annual surveys in part to promote public discussion and action in support of destination stewardship.
Many of these public spaces remain, but they are no longer centers for political discussion and action.
For all the debate about the law in this decision, the debate about the terms under discussion has been close to nonexistent.
Voters have personal experience with energy use, so they can relate to discussion of solutions.
So messages and questions were written down and handed to me for discussion.
She will secretly tape their discussion that night, and will eventually gather countless hours of conversation.
Around the market, police and immigration raids have become a constant subject of discussion.
Their discussion continued through- out the farewells.
After much discussion, they picked a three-in-one volume containing two adventures they had previously read.
The primary aim of the post is to foster and encourage discussion.
The point is that the discussion point itself is silly, but the act of having the discussion is valuable.
The suggestion sparked a discussion on who else our look-a-likes might be.
For example, even if traditional media focus on a story for a brief time, blog discussion can keep it in the public eye longer.
There was no discussion about toxicity or liver metabolism.
Discussion of television shows and ads on social media is surging.
But the unobtainable-and unnecessary-criterion of absolute security dominates the public discussion.
You're right, and the whole discussion is off base yet.
Some years ago there was discussion of converting poplar wood to methanol.
Attendees are asked to bring several photos for review and discussion.
He has also made important contributions to the discussion of history and politics.
He would be excited about the discussion and dialogue about his ideas.
It has been some time since he was a necessary topic in every art-world discussion.
People who want to discuss specific books or articles would probably pay to find discussion partners.
Join us for a lively discussion of the biggest health and science news this week.
Today adaptation has become an accepted part of the discussion.

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