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This is the place to discuss any technical troubles or bugs.
That is the real and only question we should discuss.
The speakers should discuss what it's like to live along the border.
We'll discuss the personalities, the players, the playoffs -- all of it.
He declined to discuss the past.
We will now discuss in a little more detail the struggle for existence.
They also try not to discuss their relationship.
If you're new to this blog or stratigraphy in general, it's worth taking a moment to discuss it.
Publishers are prohibited by law from meeting as a group to discuss terms with their vendors.
Whenever he invited some friends to their home to discuss political affairs, her only role was to serve tea.
In the summary, you might discuss your current research and future plans.
Be careful not to discuss departmental politics, your perceived inadequacies, or other inappropriate topics.
The article went to discuss how students use cell phones to cheat.
There's a side benefit in that students are forced to discuss theory, or whatever the subject is, with one another.
Bars have always been where people share news and discuss it.
Our parents forbade us ever to discuss the matter or ask any questions about it.
They declined to discuss the matter in detail, but they treated the sample to inactivate the virus.
Discuss the exits with your navigator, go around again if necessary, and then confidently wing off on the exit of your choice.
Several scientists discuss the possibility that cancer is caused by haywire stem cells.
Dozens of papers discuss its technical lessons for future settlements.
Social-networking sites help people find, discuss and share news with their friends.
It is hardly an opportune time to discuss a change in compensation models.
Its general director sniffily declines to discuss marketing.
The commission will discuss with governments some form of revised recommendations with which all can live.
Many hunters prefer not to discuss the origins of the trophy head that hangs on the living-room wall or above the office desk.
Four articles from different time periods discuss the pleasures of gardens and gardening.
We shall not discuss here the justification for this incidental conception, which is indeed a somewhat arbitrary one.
We cannot even begin to ferret out and discuss all the psychological problems that are concealed behind these bland tables.
Few critics are, in truth, so competent to discuss the merits and defects of books as the authors who produce them.
He therefore asks those who cannot be present and discuss the subject with us orally, to do so by letter in their absence.
Until the matter is gone into at length it will be impossible to discuss any phase of it with exactness.
It is impossible within my present limits to discuss the question fully.
Discuss transnational alliances and the reasons why countries might want to join them.
Discuss the things students know about animal heredity.
Also discuss the variables that could impact the survey.
Briefly discuss what types of physical settings are more conducive to agricultural and urban development.
Also discuss how, and what, these maps have helped them learn.
Discuss the differences between the layers, as shown in these illustrations.
Have students discuss the implications of the following quotes.
Discuss the types of scientific research that could be done to verify this argument.
Ask students to discuss their ideas about the importance of environmental observations and ecosystem monitoring.
Discuss students' observations of these photographs.
Have students discuss the differences in rainfall between the two towns they have investigated.
Students will research, discuss, and write reports on the relationship between climate and agriculture.
Have groups discuss and list the questions they would ask in their investigation.
After reading the story, discuss the bat's echolocation ability and compare it to the echoes they are capable of making.
Ask them to examine this map and discuss the population distribution pattern it shows.
Ask them to discuss the purposes of these articles and the viewpoints they express, if any.
Ask them why they think an animal would have such a strange-shaped head, and discuss their ideas.
Discuss with students how humans are constantly exploring their world.
Discuss their ideas, reviewing what they have learned from the slide show.
Students discuss the navigation methods of migratory animals.
He further chides media outlets for failing to discuss this point.
Lecturers and students have the opportunity to discuss the current state of global change science and its relationship to society.
They discuss developments during the past two decades in string theory and the discoveries of dark matter and dark energy.
But she's reluctant to discuss a life in which fame was easier to find than a home and family.
Mandate is also a smaller company and would sit in on meetings with us to discuss directors.
Naturally, the designer declined to discuss the dress.
They discuss the narrator's brother's upcoming marriage.
Four scientists discuss where the climate is and where it's going.
Other botanists flat out refuse to discuss her or her theory.
We discuss several possible explanations for these effects.
Also discuss the dependency and independency between hair and eye color, and hair and skin color.
He may want to contact me to discuss at his convenience.
Your post discuss that it is easier to loose an ability than to acquire it.
Many biologists see no need to discuss it further, since they don't think it poses an unsolved problem.
They can only discuss actual strengths and weaknesses, not made up ones.
Web search should support people's instincts to consult and discuss things with other people.
But they were able to discuss the challenges of porting their existing applications.
When people discuss politics and the media, the topic is usually bias and spin.
However, researchers aren't permitted to discuss what practical military applications may come from this research.
The company will not discuss which biometrics are being used.
He declines to discuss these designs in detail because of intellectual property issues.
Let's discuss technology and move beyond subscriptions, pricing and hypes.
But my colleagues were always willing to discuss the issues with students.
Writers from all over the world had gathered to discuss issues of censorship and freedom of speech.
What is unpleasant about them is not primarily their tone but their relationship to the reality they discuss.
The book does not discuss human development in childhood and adolescence.
It was not my purpose in the article, nor is there space here, to discuss fully the logic of orthodox theology.

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