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Further, what words "mean" alters by cultural, political and discursive context.
Disputes about who has 'faith' or not seem to me to be a discursive cul-de-sac.
Ultimately, the film is as flat as the discursive fiction on which it is based.
How he did it is a fascinating, discursive story.
But at the time, the offensive post was allowed to stand but the more discursive elements were removed.
Traditional narratives he found too prolix and discursive.
Medical students, for example, will have to answer discursive questions on biology.
It was quite prolonged and exceedingly discursive.
Reverse the polarity and let your voice flow and shape the entire discursive universe of the project.
Science I would associate rather broadly with inquiry directed towards discursive, as opposed to intuitive, knowledge.
Third, if it runs discursive prose, the essays and reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
Our shortcoming-forgive the academic jargon-is discursive.
And the drama inherent in many of the situations is dissipated in discursive dialogue.
These two characters even speak in a similar discursive manner.

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