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Each drop one to itself, a discrete self.
That makes it easier and more discrete for shoppers and speeds the checkout and reimbursement processes for retailers.
Whale communities were sometimes thought of as discrete communities, seldom mixing.
Photons are discrete quanta of energy.
You just have to develop a problem set, not merely a set of discrete questions.
Rather than a discrete and sudden exit retirement may become more gradual.
Dogs are not wolves, and do not live in small discrete , clearly defined packs.
In a digital computer, information is sent around as discrete bits and bytes.
But 6, 3+3, and 9-3 aren't discrete entities.
The distribution of government control is continous, not discrete.
The young republics, it became clear, had their own discrete needs.
Popular protest isn't about a neat, discrete set of demands, even when it pretends to be.
Ultimately, the answer may lie in the existence of a number of more or less discrete types.
Journalists should be discrete in the face of untruth.
For a start, all business activities must be broken down into their discrete components.
From that, it turns out that the electron can only have certain discrete energies inside an atom.
Discrete trial teaching and other therapies based on behavior theory are one approach to teaching skills.
The n-dimension come into each of the grid cells that are used to represent reality with a discrete element.
Discrete physical items are easily traded and priced, because their exchange has no externality.
Katrina as a discrete event can neither prove nor discredit global warming.
Instead of discrete onetime transactions, the money-whether from subscription fees or advertising-will flow constantly.
Indeed, no discrete group will have a final say on who will be the nominee.
The number of stalls, urinals, and sinks and proximity to convenient and discrete observation posts were similar.
Wormholes have discrete locations where they open up.
Each building is not so much a discrete object as a complicated succession of vistas.
The organizers who linked these discrete cells could then synchronize complex multiple attacks.
Ads can be served directly to discrete parts of the online population based on people's interests.
They only measure discrete locations where sensors are located.
Even as they come in contact, fluids will remain discrete, retaining their respective molecules.
And the programmability extends not only to integrating discrete functions.
It is also an irrefutable fact that nature is discrete, not continuous as the relativists have claimed and continue to claim.
As perplexing as they can be, all have a discrete and finite solution.

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