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Example sentences for discreetly

He was discreetly generous to both organized charities and his friends, while mentoring a large number of colleagues.
Generally bring a set of prayer beads which can be discreetly palmed.
Kids are an exception and can discreetly drink and eat as usual.
Installed hearing loops would enable people to use their own devices discreetly.
Guests are served a simple sheet cake carved discreetly in the kitchen.
It required wires to the ear buds, but were discreetly hidden.
They drove him to the hospital screaming, the jagged pink protrusion covered discreetly by a towel.
Implanted under a patient's skin, such a monitor could discreetly alert him to dangerous variations in his glucose levels.
And it leaves no trace, so those who use it discreetly are unlikely to arouse suspicion from the prosecuting authorities.
Now they are given a few months before being jailed discreetly.
But as they spoke, their eyes discreetly scanned the room.
Most of them discreetly ignore the financial incentive.
No obvious sign announces this restaurant, with its name only spelled out discreetly in white tiles in the sidewalk.
Who is going to notice that some dust was sprinkled somewhere if done discreetly enough.
By late spring, everyone had agreed to rely on advertising, with the ads discreetly presented.
Most said grace before eating, though they did it silently and discreetly, with a quick bow of the head.
His erstwhile supporters might have wanted to tiptoe discreetly off his sinking ship.
The device can be put in a pocket, attached discreetly to a bra, or slipped into a special wristband during sleep.
Their birthdays loomed so large that ours could discreetly recede.
Engagement ring removed from box and tucked discreetly into pants pocket.
Instead she writes discreetly dazzling books that are centered on one incomparable, near-mythic character.
If you decide to lock valuable items in the trunk, do it discreetly before you arrive at your destination.
Each situation will be handled as discreetly as possible.
She researched the effects of various poisons and how to obtain them discreetly.
Quickly and discreetly de-escalate a tense situation.
Caches typically consist of a waterproof container discreetly placed within the environment.
In the meantime, one must constantly and as discreetly as possible keep them under close observation when they are among us.
He crept discreetly to the edge of the pool before attaching an elk hair caddis fly to his line.
Read the error message and discreetly explain the reason for the rejection to the voter.
Counsel can bring portable computer equipment to plug into discreetly concealed ports to access the electronics in the courtroom.
Using the mirrors, they could discreetly check their skirts.
There was agreement that this type of initiative would have to be done discreetly and carefully.
Brown devised the strategy to meet discreetly with the leaders of the opposition and obtain their confidence.
Students should be directed to this room or area privately and discreetly in order to avoid the appearance of punishment.
Indirect observation takes place when you discreetly observe program activity without the knowledge of program staff.
Elicitation is a technique used to discreetly gather information.
Student deals with problems discreetly, and demonstrates honesty at all times, seeking guidance as appropriate.

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