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The dramatic transformation gives the garden an appealing sense of discovery and maximizes its potential.
For the first time, a robotic system has made a novel scientific discovery with virtually no human intellectual input.
In her mind, she had made a major breakthrough, the kind of discovery that could establish a career.
The paleontologists say their discovery advances understanding of dinosaur evolution and diversification.
Too many delectable plants in all corners of her garden and nursery were awaiting our discovery.
Discovery of a new dinosaur is always an exciting event.
Such a discovery was first announced, and then retracted, some years ago.
On the other hand, he knew that any discovery was morally neutral.
Before the day was out, he had started a list of potential uses for his discovery.
Yet the one whose discovery was announced this week is different.
The discovery of stem cells changed this picture subtly, but importantly.
There is a queasy suspicion that the process of discovery is in some way corrupted if it is driven by profit.
To settle down in one place requires a reliable food supply, so the discovery of granaries is no surprise.
The discovery was an unexpected revelation in a project aimed at mapping the dolphin mind.
It is an odd discovery to those without much experience of the country.
The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence, which is one of my favorites.
Many unknown dinosaurs await discovery in rock formations all over the world, but some new species are hiding in plain sight.
Enjoy hours of delight and discovery at this innovative museum for children and families.
But the beauty of his verse seems, in this case, to come less from intuitive discovery than from long brooding.
We owe to our first journeys the discovery that place is nothing.
Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor.
Or are there other sites out there waiting for discovery and dating.
But its history is ever-present and ready for discovery throughout the state.
Others argue that the discovery of megafauna such as whales prompted stories of dragons.
The message gives the object's coordinates at the time of its discovery so other astronomers can track it.
And so this discovery is fundamental and a milestone for cosmology.
Discovery hints at evolutionary importance of animals to human survival.
From that humble location, she recently made an extraordinary discovery.
The accidental discovery revealed that chickens retain the ability to grow teeth, even though birds lost this feature long ago.
The possibility of making a spectacular discovery is always a possibility when engaging in any scientific research.
The primary financing problem goes back to the cost of initial geothermal reservoir discovery and development drilling.
The consequences of the discovery of this map could be considerable.
The problem is that this method favours the discovery of large planets close to their stars.
Reducing that requirement by a sixth, as this discovery promises, would be a big gain.
The online retailer, determined to see four years' worth of discovery and depositions receive an airing in court, is appealing.
For both the hiders and the seekers, the thrill is in the discovery.
In the surprise and the quiet, it was possible to experience these overwhelming works as a kind of private discovery.
My sharing and social discovery happens elsewhere these days.
The authors, he thinks, weighed the risk of discovery against the risk of a mission failure and chose the former.
The journey of discovery that every film project entails.
But he had thought that they existed and awaited discovery.
But he's not out for even a few hours before he makes an astonishing discovery that has him questioning his hallucinations.
As for the pirates, their escalating demands are a method of price discovery, a way of gauging how much the market will bear.
Their discovery can be phrased simply: enciphering schemes should be asymmetric.
For this reason jazz, within the realm of music, thrives on endless exploration and ceaseless discovery.
We have long been committed to the discovery of new poets.
Their significant discovery was the propeller part that was used in the torpedo.
We need to keep investing in education and research to maintain our place in the world of discovery and technology.
Food he had previously provided, without discovery, from a house near by.
The bones discovery was convenient for many parties.
The second great discovery of the air war was that high-explosive bombs did not do as much damage as fire.
Once the barrier of high cost is broken, missions will be more frequent and the pace of discovery will be faster.
In that they offer an immediate forum for beer lovers to share their joys and discovery.
The team is not claiming discovery of dark matter, because the result is not statistically significant.
To their credit, the astronomers involved are also clear about this in their paper announcing the discovery.
Nobody thought much of that discovery for over a decade.
The pipeline linking ecological discovery to bioengineering insight.
It resulted in the discovery of teleportation which has now been accomplished.
That's how much the federal stimulus bill devotes to the discovery, development, and implementation of various technologies.
Such a discovery would be of tremendous scientific significance.
There are serious errors concerning ownership of the discovery in the original article.
That's the kind of discovery that ought to put a smile on any physicists face.
Nevertheless, if correct, the discovery has huge implications.
His discovery is now one of the main areas of research in psychology and neuroscience.
Getting real about the life sciences, medicine and biological discovery.
Instead, my story was largely a retelling of outsiders' discovery of the rootkit and how consumers reacted to the news.
Rolling back funding for basic science would dim our nation's spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship.
As for the scientific importance of this discovery, a tail coming from a planet is certainly a curiosity.
One thing technology can't give us is time for serendipitous discovery.
It is not a discovery of a natural phenomenon that already exists.
For me scientific discovery is also an occasion of worship.

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