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Sometimes people who discovered dinosaurs had no idea what they had found.
Paleontologists have found their sleeping beauty: the first dinosaur fossil discovered in a birdlike sleeping pose.
Scientists have discovered a previously unidentified gene in the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
She pulled his student-aid record and discovered that he had received aid from seven other colleges.
Buckminsterfullerene, too, was promoted as a wonder-substance when it was discovered.
The location where the pair discovered the frogs has not been disclosed to protect the remaining habitat.
Last summer, astronomers first discovered a handful of planets that threw that idea for a loop.
Scientists have discovered a gene that seems to be the first to go awry when a colon cell begins the long spin toward cancer.
Poachers mine the scientific literature for the locations of newly discovered animals.
But now the same people who didn't think ornamentals were worth ruining your manicure for have discovered edibles.
There is no single objective truth waiting to be discovered.
Astronomers have discovered a unique set of triplets: an asteroid with two moons orbiting it.
In the two days before the exterminators arrived, the ladybugs discovered every crack and crevice in our house.
When they met, they discovered that they cooked uncannily well as a team and became best buddies.
Water ice and organic molecules have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time.
While doing so he discovered a faint, persistent hiss that rises and sets with the stars.
We don't usually give much thought to who discovered a fossil.
We took it off the comb, and then discovered there somebody in the cell, bathed in royal jelly.
Moreover, the researchers discovered that these two connections were independent of each other.
He discovered something that is quite easy to understand, though far too small to see.
During an autopsy, it was discovered that a brain tumor had.
Scientists have discovered for the first time a dinosaur with shelled eggs inside her belly.
Now scientists have discovered that the key to scar-free wound healing could involve blocking the action of a common sugar.
Four of the species are completely new to scientists, and three previously known species were discovered to be luminescent.
Prior to this study, about nine million variants had been discovered.
Evidence of reproduction by internal fertilization has been discovered in a large group of ancient jawed fish.
You've got to think back to before it was discovered.
All the world's big deposits are thought to have been discovered already.
As he watched bits of paper dancing with the effect of friction, he almost discovered electricity.
Ten years ago two teams discovered that the universe will expand forever at an ever faster rate, thanks to an unseen energy.
The surprise came when he discovered how his new material responded to repeated stress.
The inspectors discovered levels far in excess of the daily allowed intake.
The oldest fossilized dinosaur embryos yet discovered are revealing tantalizing clues about dinosaur evolution, scientists say.
Fluctuating star discovered four centuries ago still holds surprises for astronomers.
Large communities of microscopic animals have even been discovered more than one thousand meters beneath the seafloor.
Astronomers believe they may have discovered the first planet ever detected in another galaxy.
It was recently discovered that the first millimeter of water in the ocean was a living system.
Scientists have recently discovered other underlying processes at work.
They discovered brown dwarfs, which blur the distinction between planet and star.
The problem with this hypothesis is that such an oil has yet to be discovered.
The researchers discovered the alcohol effect by accident.
Now scientists have discovered the first high-temperature superconductors based on iron.
Any shipwrecks dating from that time would be the oldest seagoing vessels ever discovered.
For some complex conditions all the genes that contribute to risk have not yet been discovered.
By studying fluctuations in demand he discovered one purpose of the loops: they allow for a more nuanced delivery system.
Diseases would be understood better and new targets for drugs discovered.
It was as if a group of explorers had announced plans to settle a country that had not yet been discovered.
They discovered that it was significantly thicker and stiffer for the heel-wearers.
Pages returned by search engines are more likely to be discovered and consequently linked to by others.
Kids have discovered a diabolical new use for science: rebutting their parents.
Only he has discovered another, more elemental way to explore it.
Ancient people may have discovered dinosaur fossils and understandably misinterpreted them as the remains of dragons.
Scientists recently discovered the wild yeast that came to be used to brew lager beer.
The recently discovered whale bone fossil, showing evidence of shark predation.
He realized he had discovered the ancient equivalent of an architect's blueprint.
The truth seems to be, that their relics were then discovered.
But the scope and range of the essay had not yet been discovered.
Charters' tabulations show scarcely any difference in the character and relative rank of the errors discovered.
Deceptions, if discovered, will likely cause your candidacy to be summarily rejected.
And in one case it was discovered that a supervisor awarded exceptional ratings based on the needs of the employee.
Baron also discovered that certain six-letter combinations occur with uncanny frequency.
There may well be more material yet to be discovered.
Meanwhile, everyone discovered the magic of using more leverage to make money faster.
But when he turned fifty, he discovered swimming instead.
He discovered the chemical composition of the human body, and was a pioneer in the development of nuclear medicine.
Newly discovered planets are becoming ever smaller, lighter, and more familiar to us earthlings.
More important, none had been discovered anywhere at the bottom of a lake.
But that doesn't faze one group of scientists who have discovered that rice evolved to to resist floods also resist droughts.
They discovered major differences in the rats' hippocampus, a part of the brain that helps organize memories.
Brain researchers discovered that the amygdala orchestrates human fear as well.
The discovery of quanta would surely have come one way or another, but he discovered them.
The guardsmen had come to tell her that the conspiracy had been discovered.
First, as millions of seniors have discovered, it makes the system extremely complex and obscure.
Now astrophysicists say they've finally discovered this long-fabled belt of antiprotons.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
As other countries have discovered, businesses need encrypted communications.
Researchers have discovered a way to grow tiny micrometer-scale tubes from materials that act as catalysts and gas sensors.
But it wasn't until a few years ago that its potential for stopping bleeding was discovered.
In doing so, they discovered that the fusion process caused genes from the skin cell to be reprogrammed into an embryonic state.
Before long he discovered the extent of the triple-A exposure.
Corporations, too, have discovered that energy efficiency can be profitable.
Airplanes are such simple devices that in their basic form they seem to have been discovered as much as invented.
At the movies he discovered that you can draw inspiration from heroes, that you can create a story for yourself to star in.

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