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Discover said it does not plan to name a replacement.
When people are alone with their own thoughts, she said, that's when they have great epiphanies and get to discover who they are.
But you are more likely than you were in the past to discover something useful through a chance encounter.
Discover answers about your ancestors in historical records and create your family tree.
Dangerous bacteria are developing resistance to existing antibiotics faster than humans can invent or discover new drugs.
There's something refreshing about this city that clears the air of your soul and allows you to discover your true self.
Discover traveling exhibits and more information about the gallery's exquisite pieces online.
We'll discover a wide spectrum of execution, ranging from triumphs to stumbles to out-right failures.
There was always a goal in mind, but also room for improvisation, and you never knew what you might discover along the way.
Other users can discover them based on this information as well as by browsing the photos.
Space fans are being asked to help discover exploding stars in distant galaxies, using their own home computers.
Children imagine, discover and learn in dozens of interactive exhibits and daily educational programs.
Its one thing to sit around talking about state history, it's another to actually get out and discover it.
You're unlikely to discover many engineering degrees.
But if you are prepared to meander and occasionally indulge, then there is a wealth to discover within these pages.
He'll discover that some of the static afflicting radio signals comes from distant stars.
The aim of screening healthy people for cancer is to discover tumours when they are small and treatable.
Page noticed that while it was trivial to follow links from one page to another, it was nontrivial to discover links back.
It takes time and trouble merely to discover what permits a business needs.
Discover answers about your ancestors in historical records and create your family tree online.
We've all had that feeling of coming out the parking lot to discover someone's bashed your bumper or dinged your door.
Alas, real-world stories do not always end so happily, as the company may soon discover.
Discover how habitats meet the basic needs of animals in several ways.
It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.
Discover the parks in our profiles and gallery-and plan your next trip.
Things look bleak until they discover an oxyacetylene torch, some sheets of metal, a screwdriver and a car engine.
People headed back to their homes, some to discover they no longer existed.
From vampire bats to stinging mosquitoes, discover out what makes bloodsucking animals tick.
In the old days, kids had to rifle through their parents' dusty record collection to discover new and dangerous music.
They are now deploying them to discover drugs of their own.
Discover how whales developed their sense of hearing.
Everyone can discover his or her own story on its walls.
Some have chipped varnish off the violins, hoping to discover a special chemical compound.
One day she came home to discover him in bed with her brother.
But researchers have yet to discover the pathway by which smog impacts the cardiovascular system.
Get the jump on summer and discover some great new places to take in the b.
Discover the town through an interactive digital model.
Try this activity to discover which substance is denser than water: muscle or fat.
One would only have to rub an eye after preparing this extract to discover its pupil-dilating effects.
What he may soon discover is that modesty extracts a price of its own.
Cities may discover that controlling outdoors lighting may have more benefits than saving energy and keeping the stars shining.

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