discourtesy in a sentence

Example sentences for discourtesy

The courtesy or discourtesy with which you treat your colleagues matters.
It was plain enough to discern, that the old fellows dreaded some such discourtesy at my hands.
His friends know that the fire in his belly may not have driven him to rudeness or discourtesy.
How to handle discourtesy and disrespectful language and behavior.
Some complaints, such as rudeness or discourtesy, will normally be handled by the officer's supervisor or division captain.
Occupying the ramp for preliminary launching steps is a discourtesy to boaters.
Concerns may be related to physical elements of the clinic and discourtesy.
As a result, a new discourtesy allegation would be added to the initial complaint.
Dishonesty, untruthfulness, or discourtesy will not be tolerated.
Occupying the ramp for preliminary launching steps is a discourtesy to waiting boaters.
Discourtesy to opposing counsel and instances of unnecessary scheduling difficulties were cited.
He also received an admonishment for a sustained citizen's complaint, discourtesy and improper procedures.

Famous quotes containing the word discourtesy

If the pages of this book contain some successful verse, the reader must excuse me the discourtesy of havin... more
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