discourteous in a sentence

Example sentences for discourteous

Rude and discourteous behavior that goes unchallenged is behavior that goes unchanged.
Remember, the judge has the power to fine you or send you to jail if you are rude or discourteous.
When an invited speaker exceeds his time it is extremely discourteous to call for the orders of the day.
Some people think it discourteous if a bride changes the present chosen for her.
And they're discourteous to the browser and to the original, non-obfuscated source.
He felt that to do less would have been discourteous.
Imagine a bellhop getting derided by his boss for not being discourteous enough.
Consequently, building this mosque would be somehow discourteous.
It is off-topic and deeply discourteous to do what you're trying to do.
Attendance by visitors isn't mandatory, but the sense is that it would be discourteous to avoid services entirely.
Discourteous treatment of the public or a fellow employee.
It never pays to be discourteous, tactless or inconsiderate to anyone.
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