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It's hard to imagine the Web without uncivil discourse, so professors may just have to have thick skin.
The Internet hasn't so much killed rhetoric as amplify the lack of rhetoric that has always been a part of common discourse.
That's the kind of discourse that is used in our public arenas all the time.
Martini men know that the martini can be an ideal introduction to rational discourse among family and friends.
Old-fashioned voodoo economics — the belief in tax-cut magic — has been banished from civilized discourse.
It is always a good strategic practice to encourage discourse, reason, and inquiry.
And in this case, the discourse has been anything but polite.
We should not discount its value in informing public discourse.
The subject of the present discourse, therefore, is more precisely this.
Our discourse finished, I embalmed the body; and it was placed in a coffin.
Climate change dominated the environmental discourse this decade.
Yet much of the discourse paints the faith with a single brush.
These things don't really add to the public discourse.
These people spread their message through discourse, value questioning and reasoning so that the truth may come to light.
Not surprisingly, something so challenging and so beyond our experience opened up all kinds of unusual avenues of discourse.
For one thing, the level of political discourse will only get nastier.
Dude, caps-locked incredulity does not make for reasoned discourse.
It may not be a hardcore geek debate, but there has been plenty of discourse.
In popular discourse, people often use the word random to describe things that aren't random at all.
As the network spreads, it is fostering both the universality and the individuality of human discourse.
Today, gun violence has bought this long- standing debate to the forefront of our national discourse.
There are other venues better suited to your discourse.
And two: reports of the decline of scientific discourse aimed at advancing understanding are plain wrong.
We may interpret soul as a spirit, which would make it to fall outside scientific discourse.
For decades two competing theories have dominated the discourse.
To rail against the results of research you disagree with as being unscientific is, of course, not legitimate discourse.
The other side is calling names and being rude without posting any sources or making any attempt at reasonable discourse.
Until evolutionary psychologists account for social discourse--which, btw, they add to--my concern will be how much harm they do.
Second, the difficulty of criticizing a discourse that glides heedlessly from one kind of claim to another.
Such issues as global warming and population have been wrested from rational and unbiased scientific discourse.
Offensive articles and information are far better left to the court of public scrutiny, discourse and argument.
Ethics need to be based on rational discourse, not on faith.
Digital discourse can get nasty, especially when it is anonymous.
Polite discourse has a weak arsenal of adjectives to describe crimes of war.
In such scenarios, human suffering trumps both dramaturgy and discourse.
There seems to be no appropriate language in which or platform of discourse from which to pursue it.
It invites a discourse of genius and art-historical importance.
Still, these skeptics have helped shape public discourse on climate change in this country.
The primary races have left us with a degraded political discourse.
The proceedings were polite, the questions pertinent, the discourse intelligent.
Despite the anti-intellectual rhetoric prevalent in much public discourse these days, more education enhances the public good.
If the series offers an object lesson in how to elevate the tone of public discourse, all the better, its creators say.
The works, not the private lives, generate the cultural discourse.
Some celebrated this development as an opportunity to elevate the discourse on social policy, especially on issues of race.
The point is not to convert someone to a particular way of thinking, but to open discourse around ideas.
Narratives fit squarely within legal discourse and jurisprudence.
The scientific discourse is one of error and correction.
We admire those who are able to flex and strut in their research and theory and discourse.
But they provide the intellectual scaffolding for our national discourse, and are at the heart of our cultural well-being.
But it's only because of the skin color that the race discourse propagated so easily in the public sphere.
But somebody has to tell it, to keep political discourse from going entirely off the rails.
We were capable of rational discourse with our invaders.
People use different words with different frequencies when they are telling stories, as compared with other forms of discourse.
It's a much fuzzier idea than equality, which has more explanatory value but is also more dangerous in political discourse.
But there are people who manage to weave their way between the two levels of discourse with no loss of integrity.
The issues here are context and meaning, or what linguists might call discourse, pragmatics and semantics.
They do not have well-established channels of discourse.
They have revived the idea of community in a political discourse that has recently known only the state and the market.
It loosened control on public discourse and changed what could be said in print and on air.
And his discourse is moderate, non-confrontational and focused on the need for better education and welfare services.
In any event, the level of political discourse is not high.
It suited the author's purpose, also, from being a familiar word in ordinary discourse as well as in the language of philosophers.
The legacy is a cultural climate that stultifies our politics and corrupts our discourse.
It isn't fair to say that this paragraph is loaded with the pathologies of left-leaning political discourse.
If you're reviewing, you have to stay on top of what's coming out and what's going on, and put yourself into that discourse.
Superficial or make-believe political discourse is not the fundamental problem in some areas of public life.
We're a tiny minority, easily beaten up on in the public discourse.
They charged modern poetry with cultural importance and made it the focal point of their intellectual discourse.
Unions collect dues for the expressed purpose of pushing the legal discourse towards workers' interests.
But that sort of thinking is not only outside of mainstream political discourse, it's actually intellectually denigrated.
It's seldom a good idea to think of cable news programming as a gauge of anything other than the decline of civic discourse.
Discourse affords some opportunity to challenge the judgments of others and to revise our own.
So let us try to establish a common universe of discourse.
Related questions arise about the discourse of high officials.
To avoid doublespeak, what matters is that the substance of the discourse does not change.
Worse, this misguided focus on the deficit directs our political discourse away from a central question.
Most big media organizations mediate the discourse of their employees because that's the business they are in.
These gentlemen add nothing healthy or constructive to the public discourse.
How could he have thought this was a good idea forget valuable to the public discourse.
First came the telephone, which replaced the letter as the preferred means of business and social discourse.

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