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The cells help hold blood in and encourage it to move along, discouraging clots.
The same stark contrast prevails in other fault zones: encouraging ideas, discouraging progress.
It was dreadfully heavy and discouraging, and not even the strawberry jam had power to redeem it.
But he does not illuminate the difference between discouraging criticism and constructive criticism.
The first was a dog that had a discouraging tendency to lunge, unpredictably, at the throats of people nearby.
On the other hand, the narrative was thoroughly discouraging.
That's why the discouraging of significantly newer or more efficient technologies.
They function as a gnomic clue that what you are seeing is intentional, while discouraging further conversation or inquiry.
We are discouraging transportation investments that negatively affect cyclists and pedestrians.
Some of these expectations may be encouraging and some discouraging.
The researchers aren't discouraging treatment centers from trying tobacco bans.
If a shark enters the field, its sensory receptors become agitated, discouraging the shark from coming any closer.
And thank you sir for discouraging and impeding the propagation of thoughts.
There is nothing more discouraging than to see your best work destroyed.
Activity in another part of the brain, the right inferior frontal gyrus, changed in response to discouraging information.
It is worth discouraging people from seeking advice from those who are, essentially, involved in the entertainment industry.
Nothing is more discouraging than something that you liked that ends up turning you off.
We don't need to worry about whether it is an adaptive trait or not to justify discouraging it.
After initially discouraging findings by other scientists, his superiors stopped his research.
All of this shrinks the supply of skilled workers, discouraging employers and leading many big firms to look overseas.
But it was the context that made the news so discouraging.
If what my past experience tutoring teenagers in algebra is any indications, it might be more discouraging.
If you're discouraging anyone from trying to see if a simpler model can fit existing data, that's completely anti-science.
It's a bit discouraging to realize we're such a minority in this world.
To hear that he's advocating anti-science positions is seriously deflating and genuinely discouraging.
The exhibitors' screenings were predictably discouraging.
As it is, the results have been ambiguous when they are not discouraging.
It's discouraging, perhaps, to admit that the higher-education industry belongs in the same category.
Yet any financial benefits from their innovations are sent to the central government, discouraging further research.
My personal experience with teachers unions has been discouraging.
The chairwoman insisted that she had sent an e-mail message discouraging graduate students from withholding grades.
It's strangely comforting--since the discouraging lyrics are matched with pretty hopeful feeling music.
The academic world can look pretty discouraging when viewed from the perspective of one who's unemployed.
For an author, the economics of publishing with a university press are discouraging.
If that sounds discouraging, consider some of the success stories.
There's nothing more discouraging than a slow start to your fantasy season.
It's discouraging investment in small businesses, and eroding confidence in our economy.
For an emerging economy trying to build a technology sector, this is both discouraging and damaging.
Besides, the official rate is set too high, discouraging exports.
Capacity will probably shrink as a result, discouraging innovation.
Labour unions help industrial peace by discouraging wildcat strikes.
Doctors sometimes make matters worse by denigrating rural patients, discouraging them from seeking medical help.
In any case, the government seems to be doing the right things: enhancing security while discouraging panic.
Nor is there any reason to suppose that discouraging dividends relative to retentions would help raise the level of investment.
Another way of discouraging barnacles is to confuse them.
But the animosity between the private and public partners is discouraging.
By discouraging citizens from buying capital goods with their savings, printing slowly diminishes the economy.
It is discouraging to see the collection of misinformed clich├ęs that are posted here.
One move is to try to cut the number of discouraging automated messages warning editors of style breaches and other peccadillos.
The prospects for peace look pretty discouraging right now, but there are bright spots.
Instead of discouraging corporate shareholding, the government plans to entrench it.
Look closer, or apply different methodologies, and the figures start to be discouraging.
So discouraging their use, the argument runs, lets people delude themselves into thinking that they are saving the planet.
Falling sales are discouraging hiring, which is adding to consumers' reluctance to spend.
Increasing state or city taxes on cigarettes can decrease tax revenue and not have the social benefit of discouraging smoking.
Above all is the risk that, far from discouraging the wearing of the veil, a ban may serve to encourage it.
It is so frustrating and discouraging to see what is going on in the world.
Moreover, such taxes have the effect of encouraging savings and discouraging consumption.
Most discouraging of all, the danger and discomfort do not seem to be in service of a successful strategy.
He's always discouraging violence or telling youngsters in the projects to go to college.
Read more tips for discouraging bears while camping.
Prevent problems by discouraging wild turkeys from becoming too comfortable on your property.
And it positively impacts offenders by stressing personal responsibility and accountability, and by discouraging recidivism.
Different pairs of each species are spawned each year, discouraging spawning of the same fish year after year.
Biomedical therapies used to treat physical symptoms related to autism can be costly and often produce discouraging results.

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