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Example sentences for discouragement

Depression can appear as anger and discouragement, rather than feelings of sadness.
It was a winter of discouragement and fear, not a happy time to be born.
My job-market experience was five years of solid discouragement.
He outlawed discouragement and fostered creativity and risk-taking.
Of the mixture of paranoia and disorientation, of the ways in which discouragement turns into resignation, then submission.
Or if he does, he'll tell you to go to the philosophy department, that being meant in a condescending way and as a discouragement.
One discouragement to reading is that books are expensive.
However, its discouragement of corporate investment is among the highest in the developed world.
The party is envious of the large congregations that still flock to temples, despite decades of official discouragement.
But uncertainty about energy supply is another discouragement to investors.
And when it's universal, there's pressure to increase payouts which results in more work discouragement or misallocation.
There might be better methods of discouragement out there, but this is one suggestion.
General after general rode up to the commander's headquarters, all with the same tale of discouragement and counsel of retreat.
She devoted an enormous amount of time to this reading, and to energetic encouragement and discouragement.
There was gloom and discouragement throughout the camp.
The others had quit owing to sickness and discouragement.
There was, for a while, a serious set-back and discouragement of free enquiry.
Bitterly disappointed as he was at the result, he from the first showed no discouragement or loss of control.
There he found nothing but disorder and discouragement.
After a month on the market without so much as a nibble of interest, discouragement set in.
Parents should be supportive and refrain from criticism or discouragement.
Having self-satisfaction from doing good work or discouragement from poor performance.
In the sky the clouds of disaster and discouragement are rolled away, and the sun begins to emerge.

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