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In evaluating how admissions policies encourage or discourage college attendance, for instance, they.
One explanation may be that the age gaps between husbands and much younger wives discourage large families.
The fence is designed to discourage smuggling and arms trafficking.
To conserve moisture and discourage weeds, apply a mulch around and between shrubs.
Today's insurers discourage doctors from spending enough time with patients to build those relationships.
Turning it over, they said, would discourage participation in such studies down the road.
The exact location has been kept secret to discourage a gold rush.
Federal and state authorities have strengthened laws and intensified prosecutions to discourage looting in this country.
As plants bloom, remove faded flowers to discourage plants from setting seed.
Nonviolent, first-time offenders should be sent to boot camps to discourage them from moving on to more serious crimes.
Polluted beaches discourage tourists from investing in the area's hotels, restaurants, and recreational activities.
One key to this project is to discourage amateurs from coming into the construction area to see what they can find.
To discourage rot, the arbor rests on bricks to keep its wood base from touching the ground.
But the subsidy would not discourage their consumption.
Bright lights nearby discourage females from coming ashore to nest.
Caffeine's a plant pesticide plants use to discourage insects eating them.
Fine to discourage the theft of a wheel, but useless for actually securing a bike.
To appease them or delay in striking at them can only discourage the army and all the loyal elements.
However, letting off defaulting debtors too readily may discourage potential creditors because of moral hazard.
Officials have also run public information campaigns to discourage poaching.
Others are trying to help individuals change their immediate eating milieu in ways that discourage overeating.
Dust cuts with sulfur or charcoal to discourage rot.
Others blame weak demand, as high inflation, falling real wages and fears for the future discourage household consumption.
Buy organic seed to promote biodiversity and discourage genetically modified organisms.
For instance, an increase in house prices ought to discourage new homebuyers.
The wrought-iron feeder is heavy enough to discourage squirrels from dragging it off.
The trouble is that difficult tests will strongly discourage many learners.
Versions are being tried to get welfare recipients into work and discourage criminal reoffending.
Finance authorities were told to consider tax measures to discourage plastic bag production and sale.
Plants also discourage animal browsing on green leaves and immature fruits with a bitter taste.
Squabbles over standards discourage companies from placing long-term bets.
Certain conditions encourage or discourage trade among countries.
Not to mention that telling children they'll be sold to a circus isn't necessarily going to discourage them from doing something.
We discourage these people from joining the rescue team.
These people who do not want electric cars on the road will do or say anything to discourage their production.
Bury scraps beneath bedding material to keep odors down and discourage flies.
What a clever way to discourage people from buying knockoffs.
His aim is to discourage readers from doing likewise.
Teach children not to let the water run while brushing their teeth, and discourage long showers.
If you want to discourage the use of something, simply make it prohibitively expensive, that's how capitalism works.
These nomadic tribespeople actively discourage visitors.
We should discourage scientists from interaction with any war outfit.
But unlike a cheap currency, it need not discourage their consumption.
The labeling requirement is the latest in the government's well-financed efforts to discourage smoking.
Both conditions-high inflation and a weak currency-would normally discourage rate cuts.
Regulators must remove all obstacles that discourage them from doing so.
The casino owners discourage cinemas and clubs opening because it will distract people from gambling.
The commercial weather companies disagree with charges that they had tried to discourage implementation of the new policy.
They will even take the books that are marked all over by the publisher in an effort to discourage the practice.
In some cantons you have to pay stamps for bin bags to discourage too much rubbish from being thrown away.
The incentives tend to be stacked against negativity, and in some cases implicitly discourage it.
She would discourage any thought of the theatre and herself as going steady.
And it should discourage the practice of investing staff retirement funds in company shares.
It is also not unusual for co-op lawyers to gently discourage such a conversion.
Blogs pop up that promote or discourage against certain sites.
It's no panacea, but being on the hook ought to discourage home buyers from borrowing more than they can really afford.
The government's policy is to discourage immigrants from staying.
Host governments are wary of seeing aid diverted from locals to refugees, so they often discourage development.
All sorts of government policies strongly discourage saving.
Often efforts are made to discourage the use of these nicknames.
Indeed, the brilliance of his achievement served to discourage his warmest admirers.
Here, parents discourage anything that involves risk.
In recessions, they tend to take steps to discourage new migrants and even get rid of existing ones.
They encourage the production of tradable goods, but discourage their consumption-which is why producers look for buyers abroad.
The grey squirrel, for example, cleverly builds false caches to discourage others from raiding its acorns.
And there is no tie-in with hotel loyalty programmes, which will discourage some would-be guests.
They need to be tight enough to protect users and discourage money laundering, but open enough to allow new services to emerge.
More important, willing obscurity serves to repel outsiders and discourage the asking of awkward questions.
The stamp is overprinted to discourage counterfeiters.
Proclaiming that companies shouldn't profit in a time of need is a fine way to discourage them from making such investments.
At some point, however, unemployment benefits will discourage workers from seeking real job openings.
Taxes raise money, but they also discourage activities.
These suits chill protected speech and discourage robust debate.
Defined-benefit plans have a huge downside: they drastically discourage labor mobility.
Indeed, many farm bill provisions discourage production of fruits and vegetables.
In a police station, windows must contain bars, and this naturally would discourage a confession.
But those conditions discourage investment, without which the economy will not expand.
Because higher rates encourage saving, discourage investment in businesses, and make debt more expensive.
It would also discourage people from needlessly hogging data.
One would think that a science magazine would discourage organized crime instead of encouraging it.
For every question you have, they have an answer to discourage you.
If you made it non-linear, it should discourage rapid fluctuation and tend towards price stability.
Focus on prevention instead of fear-discourage your children from worrying about things that are beyond their control.
Many desert regions discourage visitors from hiking or camping in arroyos for this reason.
The free-content market will discourage redundant effort, since the wheel won't need to be reinvented.
It is irresponsible to discourage parents from vaccinating their children.
Not trying to discourage you, if you've got it, spend it.
The idea that beta-carotene might promote rather than discourage lung cancer, though, caught everyone by surprise.
Even those who oppose the welfare state say they want to discourage dependency, not let people die.
Now it's probably not in it's normally delivered form, but it is a natural product made by plants to discourage insects.
But against some bad laws it is more to the point to argue that what they seek to discourage is not an evil.
It may therefore discourage a lasting political solution.
Parental notice or consent as a precondition for these services, it is believed, will discourage youngsters from getting help.
Regular foot patrols were mounted to make contact with the locals and to discourage hostile approaches.
She felt certain that her alarming conclusions would discourage the authorities, but her report accomplished the exact opposite.
It's been two or three months that the enemy has spread propaganda to discourage people from participating in the elections.
And you certainly wouldn't want to discourage people from getting an education by heavily taxing the rewards for it.
Some lawmakers want to tax these plans to discourage them from being offered to employees.
Other communities have placed a tax on disposable bags to discourage consumption.
Tampering with the long term rate will discourage investment by wealthy people.
Early governors used the tax to discourage conspicuous consumption and what was considered unsuitable behavior.
Use guard dogs to discourage bears and warn of their presence.
Create a tick safe zone by altering the landscape to increase sunlight, reduce tick habitat and discourage rodent hosts.
However, if you have small pets or livestock, you may want to discourage the bobcat from coming onto your property.
Modernize our patent system to protect our nation's innovators, discourage frivolous lawsuits, and expedite patent reviews.
Many of the same precautions taken to discourage burglars can also discourage arsonists.
However, there are military policies and directives to discourage immediate family members from serving together.
As a resident or property owner, if you wish to discourage some, you may fill out the following form.
Place a small dish of ammonia in the bottom of an empty garbage can to help discourage them.

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