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And it became the target of discontent and anger.
Such questions were the public face of growing discontent.
But the discontent runs in deeper, less logically grounded veins, too.
Throughout American higher education, the women are discontent.
Now is the summer of our discontent.
The faculty discontent goes back at least several months.
But his peers are unlikely to channel their discontent into concerted opposition.
The barricades show, he writes, how people choose and symbolize the way they voice their discontent and collective hopes.
The reasons for discontent are not hard to find.
Faced with discontent, the government is torn.
Their growing discontent put strain on their marriage.
Growing discontent is a result of drift and a lack of leadership.
The time has come to once again voice the general discontent-Times.
But he's been notably silent in this season of discontent.
As when facing previous protests, the regimes' playbook is to blame any discontent on outside intervention.
But it has decided not to ease the group's discontent.
But they are free to express their opinions freely, or to express their opposition or discontent against the government.
Content, but discontent with the leadership worldwide.
Money matters are always a top reason for marital discontent.
Irani will retire this year amid intense shareholder discontent over his pay package.
The suit is unlikely to succeed, but it's a signal of popular discontent.
One year after the earthquake, there are growing signs of discontent.
Weak growth and high unemployment rates are an obvious recipe for discontent.
The government has sought to quell growing discontent by declaring a week of national mourning, but the questions remain.
But he has become a focus of discontent about a government widely seen as fatally compromised by corruption.
All politicians have been disconcerted by discontent that is at once deep-rooted and nebulous.
High oil prices give petro-economies the wherewithal to counter discontent by dispensing largesse.
Rumblings of discontent across the region suggest governments cannot afford to ignore such risks.
With formal politics and the press allowing little outlet for grievances, discontent has festered.
But few expected voters' discontent to be so strong.
He quickly backed down, but that did not quash discontent.
Their case is strengthened by the growing discontent over the war.
Several new parties are trying to capitalise on discontent with the main parties.
They find great satisfaction in their work, but register profound discontent with the way their firms are run.
Discontent had been simmering since the beginning of the year, after a steep increase in energy prices.
Public discontent may be filling the campaigners' sails, but political support for reforms is still patchy.
It worries that a slowing economy might trigger an explosion of discontent among the fast-growing ranks of the unemployed.
In practice, citizens may lack a means to turn their discontent into real political pressure.

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