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It fascinated him and piqued his pride, but it also triggered an unease about the disconnection between creature and place.
Examines narrative as a source of connection, disconnection, and influence in our lives.
The ultimate disconnect for a member of a social species is to encounter disconnection.
As a result, the experience of disconnection left us both feeling more deeply flawed and ashamed.
But no click or any other sound signals the disconnection.
The last thing you want to come home to is a disconnection notice or unexpected late fee.
What compels me to write is a desire to illuminate moments of connection and disconnection between my characters.
One result has been a widening disconnection between public and press.
The leader himself-with his lady and his loyal dog-soldiers on, in an atmosphere of disconnection and illusion.
To qualify, customers must have recently had their service disconnected, or received a disconnection notice.
Tips for getting your disconnection notice approved.
At that time, your utility may offer you an extended payment plan to help you avoid disconnection.
To prevent disconnection, you must pay the amount owed by the disconnection date listed on the notice.
Failure to pay for long-distance calls and other charges unrelated to basic local phone service is not grounds for disconnection.
Accounts with past due balances are subject to disconnection.

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Terrified of being alone, yet afraid of intimacy, we experience widespread feelings of emptiness, of disconnection... more
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