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The two-facedness of this is extremely disconcerting.
Still, more disconcerting than the occasional nocturnal stroll is the potential peril caused by sleepwalking.
This was a little disconcerting.
It's always a bit disconcerting being in his company.
That has been an exhilarating, messy and sometimes disconcerting process.
One thing that's both disconcerting and exhilarating about physics is how many seemingly simple questions remain unanswered.
Candidates displayed a number of disconcerting opinions on current economic topics.
It is a skillful, often lively performance, but one that leaves a disconcerting aftertaste.
The thought of all of this energy going into developing artificial brains is very disconcerting.
Some disconcerting trends also stand out.
The ritual of spirit possession can be disconcerting to the uninitiated.
He takes a thin, sterilized knife and slices into the tissue with disconcerting ease.
Alas, there's some disconcerting evidence that medicine suffers from a similar flaw.
Regardless, the choice of word is distasteful and disconcerting.
It is disconcerting that the number of obese children is now so high.
It has been both fascinating and disconcerting to observe her behaviours and traits as she grows.
They have been finding them in disconcerting abundance.
The case is a disconcerting tangle of speculation and uncertainty.
And these responsibilities-because thinking and acting are responsibilities-may be disconcerting.
There are no shades of gray in the report, however, and the lack of nuance can be disconcerting.
It's disconcerting enough that the law fails to require the level of certainty that morality demands.
And there are plenty of disconcerting anniversaries to go around this year.
To see our issues caught up in the rough posturing of politics is disconcerting compared with the nuances that occupy us.
But even more disconcerting are the implications of this phenomenon for the information industry.
Unexplained mountains are always disconcerting for geologists.
Rarity in an unexpected context can be shocking or disconcerting.
Seeing a familiar constellation upside-down is pretty disconcerting to an astronomer.
It's disconcerting that people interested in science seem not to exhibit much evidence for a statement as above nor research.
Then again, the evidence is quite disconcerting when it's applied to theoretical standards which are supposed to be upheld.
What's disconcerting is that there is no such thing as an organized, funded effort to research such basic things.
They are somewhat disconcerting, but once you get used to the fact that it's only paint, people stop slowing down.
When they do get to strut their comedy wares, it can be disconcerting.
It's disconcerting to watch a film end so abruptly, especially for audiences who have been programmed for happy movie endings.
The missing years remain blank, and the sharp breaks between the sections are disconcerting.
If his book is often disconcerting and sometimes exasperating, it is also richly textured and consistently alive.
For those aged blues musicians who benefited from the revival, the experience must have nevertheless been disconcerting.
Schwartz has the disconcerting habit of throwing out a name or a book, as if that alone were enough to prove his case.
The feeling of travelling so fast for so long is disconcerting.
Other economic data is a little more disconcerting, however.
And some of the conclusions are surprising, even disconcerting.
He has a disconcerting knack of undercutting his own arguments.
Neither had swimming in clammy water, nor stumbling upon largely intact human skeletons, disconcerting as they were.
After such a harrowing scene it was too disconcerting and distracting to have to relocate back to the office for a page.
It is a little disconcerting, though, that this concept is being used at college level.
Still, for me as an applicant, the impersonality of the process was disconcerting.
Her choreography and costumes are slightly awkward and disconcerting but all the more mesmerizing for it.
Typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors from a dissertation advisor can be disconcerting.
He gave a disconcerting guffaw, followed by repeated chuckles throughout the hour.
Too much information, especially when it is contradictory, can be as disconcerting as too little.
But it also proved entirely too disconcerting for comfort.
And the change that happened in a blink of the eye is shocking and disconcerting.
On screen, he frequently gravitates toward disconcerting weirdos.
They may be scary and disconcerting, however, because they come without warning and can devastate a hillside.

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