disconcerted in a sentence

Example sentences for disconcerted

When the name was called the defendant was plainly disconcerted.
Possibly, he was disconcerted by his biographer, who seems never to have left him alone.
Frank has settled into a melancholy housebound rut and is disconcerted by her sudden appearance.
And only the slightest hint of a sort of theatrical menace, the menace that so disconcerted his opponents.
She was so disconcerted as it hovered over her that she could only look up at the pilot and smile.
If they become disconcerted they often become mean or unruly.
They were evidently disconcerted by the blowing of the horn.
He could not perform the simplest problems in subtraction or addition with out making mistakes, and was thoroughly disconcerted.
Evidently not expecting such a move the house breaker was somewhat disconcerted and made a break for the window.
It is somewhat disconcerted to hear that you have taken a different position now.

Famous quotes containing the word disconcerted

These people in high life have too much presence of mind, I believe, to seem disconcerted, or out of humour... more
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