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Example sentences for disco

Disco music had long been derided by punk and rock fans as the cheesy sound of conformity.
Red and yellow disco lights illuminated masked, shy faces.
There's this sense now that anything that came out of the disco era, and the post-disco era is essentially awful.
Every night they had an open-air disco on the top deck.
Their disco-oriented output still dominates popular music.
The core and the tempo of the music are provided by the kick drums and snare drums of disco, often without the high hat.
Most people in the entertainment business, disco ain't cool to them.
The drugs were found hidden under a chair in the ship's disco, according to the news outlet.
The public restrooms have a glittery, disco feel thanks to walls unexpectedly covered with mirrored tiles.
Downstairs, there is no camouflage in the disco area.
It's meant to stimulate the mind, you know, that disco ballroom between your ears.
But by comparison to the awful music that came afterward, disco sounds pretty good today.
The data were new and messy, but by the end of the disco decade it was clear that something was terribly wrong.
Dance music was enjoying a revival, having shaken off disco excesses and borrowed harder beats from underground.
It has been more than a decade since disco became a pop-music phenomenon.
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