disclosing in a sentence

Example sentences for disclosing

People are disclosing more personal information than ever.
So this idea of disclosing more information to the uninformed is laughable.
The company is not yet disclosing these commercial partners, either.
The earlier version of the measure barred all recipients of the letters from disclosing them.
The central bank is even disclosing the prices at which it buys.
We have developed a series of video vignettes, each of which depicts a physician disclosing an adverse event to a patient.

Famous quotes containing the word disclosing

And then—be soldered down Without disclosing what it be 'Twere blessed to have seen—... more
Polarized light showed the secret architecture of bodies; and when the second-sight of the mind is opened, now one color... more
He represents the privilege of the intellect, the power, namely, of carrying up every fact to successive platforms, and ... more
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