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I'd suggest posting this in the beta forums...you're not suppose to disclose that information here.
Politicians sometimes disclose sensitive information by mistake.
This law would allow journalists to refuse to disclose their confidential sources without facing the threat of fines or jail time.
Companies routinely disclose the compensation of their top executives.
It seems that both sites will be even bolder with the material they disclose.
But he refused to disclose the identity of his assailant to the police.
The 5-foot 8-inch blonde said she doesn't disclose her weight to avoid setting standards for youths obsessed with getting lighter.
Fund managers disclose their funds' holdings to the public twice a year.
He declined to disclose his income but says his ad revenue has surpassed $2000 a month.
By law, they fully disclose the risk of loss to their investors.
He also knows how to disguise them so that they do not easily disclose their origin in their despised sources.
To a great extent, it's up to you to decide what you want to disclose about yourself.
No one needs to know about your alcoholism or mental illnesses or true weaknesses, and you should never disclose them.
Julius reaches behind a handful of instances to disclose an entire history of prejudice.
Careful examination and deeper levels may disclose clear cut foci of invasion.
In my experience, a deep look into someone eyes does not disclose that sort of detail.
The company expects to disclose some automaker partnerships in the next few months.
However, the legal precedent created by not needing to disclose how our food is made is extremely dangerous.
Yes, perhaps those lights in our brains can be capable to disclose something about us, human beings.
The comparison showed how much pronouns are able to disclose.
It would be advisable to disclose the methodology used in this study.
These issues disclose an important fact: science has been stymied by a major impetus.
It's back to the agencies to disclose their information.
Name me a developed country where failure to disclose exculpatory evidence is tolerated, even tacitly.
So either you disclose personal medical information to the government, or you're not cooperating.
All market participants will have to disclose more to regulators about their positions.
The directive requires private-equity managers to disclose details of quite small companies within their portfolios.
But he did not disclose when it would end, and officials ventured a variety of dates.
At the same time, firms are being required for the first time to disclose the fees they pay to consultants on executive pay.
Such sins often involve taking secret commissions or failing to disclose hidden charges.
It also rushed out a proposal forcing large investors, including hedge funds, to disclose their short positions.
But the firm does not disclose much about this body, or who sits on it.
They could disclose an awful lot of information-names of interrogators and medical personnel.
But they are desperate to avoid having to disclose details about the performance of individual firms in their portfolios.
Even a year later, they still won't disclose the exact course of events.
The company still won't disclose the exact availability.
The company won't disclose pricing either but that's likely to depend on the deals it can ink with the wireless service providers.
Most people would no sooner disclose they had not showered in days than admit infidelity.
Use the space only if you need it to fully disclose your accomplishments.
Credit counselors advise couples to sit down together and disclose their respective debts before they get serious.

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