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Click here for limitations and restrictions on use and to read the disclaimer.
The university makes them available, with a disclaimer asking rights holders to get in touch if they object.
Please take special notice of the language disclaimer.
Some bloggers are ignoring the new edicts, others are putting a little disclaimer at the bottom of their posts.
The disclaimer is a tragically underused literary device.
He ordered the ads halted unless a disclaimer was carried.
The trouble with this necessary disclaimer is that it isn't true.
But his disclaimer on this point is direct and complete.
His disclaimer doubled as a statement of principle and, on some level, as low-impact shtick.
They do, however, have a disclaimer in place warning bidders to be sure to understand what they're buying.
The disclaimer here is that a high number of patents per capita is not the perfect proxy for start-up development.
The disclaimer is nullified, however, by virtually everything else in the opinion.
Curious it was, too, how this deeper question ever forced itself to the surface despite effort and disclaimer.
Those who tuned in late missed the disclaimer that the program was pure fantasy.
Often, she will say something outrageous and follow it with a cheerful disclaimer.
One should certainly mention that as a disclaimer when quoting it.
The last lines struck me as a disclaimer, designed to get the author back onside with politics.
For that reason, the library includes a disclaimer that some of the material may be considered offensive.
Even when supplied, batteries not sufficient might be a suitable disclaimer.
As a cardinal sportswriting rule, no cheering in the press box is tethered to a fine-print disclaimer.
The book begins with a disclaimer: except for a few details all the characters and incidents are imaginary.
One such disclaimer should cover false color for images from outside the visible range.
Heck, a boilerplate disclaimer based on what you've already written seems fine.
Not seeing a disclaimer is not the same as the artist being ok with you using your art for whatever purposes you see fit.
She doesn't have a disclaimer posted on it, so anyone developing skin cancer or even a sunburn could sue her.
But he included a disclaimer, right from the beginning, that it's only a candidate galaxy.
Those annoyingly long e-mail signatures companies often use as a disclaimer don't mean anything in court.
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