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In this respect it can provide a fresh disciplined scientific approach to many vexing questions.
Elite climbers are disciplined athletes who train constantly, repeating movements to perfection.
Last night max started attacking and my husband immediately disciplined him and took him in the next room.
She loves to play and has a high energy, but can be quiet and disciplined as well.
When done with structure those can actually become a disciplined job for the dog to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.
Online coursework is largely self-paced, which means students need to be disciplined enough to set a schedule and stick to it.
Then again, he was obviously a disciplined, stoic fellow.
Art involves disciplined exploration as well as unstructured play.
To make a crude generalization, turks are disciplined but poorly integrated.
The uneducated people needed something they could understand, focus on and learn to be disciplined in.
His few books are important, and would be more important if he preached of discipline in a more disciplined style.
His administration has so far been a model of disciplined efficiency.
What causes normally well-disciplined proteins to drop out of the ranks and lounge about the body as amyloid is not known.
She was disciplined, but at the same time a free spirit.
The developed world seem to be getting the infection after years of being disciplined.
He was a disciplined and chiselled prose stylist who could not resist dropping names and arcane terms into his work.
For one thing, its ill-disciplined members might not adhere to the accords, if history is any guide.
Hostile takeovers disciplined poor managers with the boot.
Gang members are responsible for much of the violence in both cities, but not in a disciplined way.
Politicians are wary of persecuting such well-disciplined gatherings and the police have largely stayed their hand.
How many people used it is unclear, but it showed that online response to a crisis can be highly disciplined.
It's even more surprising how ascetic and disciplined the band is when it comes to presenting information.
But her cynosure as an artist is a disciplined evacuation of psychic distance between her subjects and the viewer.
But the feral wildness of the disciplined combatant never comes through.
The performance sequences at their best come close to ecstasy, while the rehearsal sequences are disciplined and businesslike.
There is still something of the ill-disciplined amateur show, despite the new controls.
While he has choice, he cannot exercise it even to his own satisfaction unless it is disciplined according to standards.
Cruelty and bullying are the reverse side of this disciplined obedience.
Although the press is loath to admit it, a disciplined campaign can drive a message and thereby shape how it is covered.
She quickly revealed herself to be both smart and disciplined.
Creative collaboration requires disciplined teamwork.
The university eventually identified and disciplined several students for defacing the sculpture.
Student-athletes need to stay academically eligible, performance ready, and disciplined focused.
Many colleges are now saying that they will have to be more disciplined.
Students must be highly disciplined and self-motivated to succeed in this type of learning environment.
Wonderful program for well-motivated, highly self-disciplined students.
Eccentrics represent an approach to knowledge that is not disciplined, or even interdisciplinary.
When students are being disciplined violent, cruel and thoughtless behavior, don't lecture them that being drunk is no excuse.
Most honor codes require you to notify someone, and if you don't, you could be disciplined anyway.
She was demoted to the rank of colonel, the only general to be disciplined.
He's disciplined about work, but he's equally disciplined about play.
But he was an instrument of the law, a disciplined judge, and the prosecution had failed to meet the standards for a conviction.
Three of them were recently disciplined by the hospital for not having disclosed some of their hefty payments from drug companies.
As a disciplined organization the agency does not complain about the one, or long resist the other.
Each time, the commander was forced to turn over the money to his troops-but was not arrested or disciplined.
Adopting a new, integrated approach will require political leadership that is disciplined and willing to take risks.
Some troopers were disciplined, and the patrol leader resigned in disgust over what he believes was a cover-up.
We are more nimble and disciplined, and customers are coming back.

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