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The songs have been handed down from parents to their children or from gurus to their disciples.
He has collected hundreds of songs, some of which were gleaned from the legacies of traveling harpers and their disciples.
Then he began speaking in public again beginning by giving lectures to small groups of disciples.
By now he has attracted two generations of disciples.
Probably he thought that the picture of fetters and gyves in the minds of his disciples would better help the cause.
The students and disciples of that generation are well into their middle years, rumbling along on mental capital from long ago.
In his life-time he had a few disciples, but they soon vanished, almost without trace.
He and his first-generation disciples made some horrendous mistakes.
Many were desirous to live with him and become his disciples.
He cast himself at the feet of that holy abbot, conjuring him with many tears to receive him among his disciples.
Every time the inbred instinct to seek precedence cropped up among his disciples he sternly suppressed it.
There they sit, disciples at their feet, handing down instructions for achieving the perfect life.
The regulators themselves were disciples of deregulation.
Soon his disciples had drawn thousands of people to the desert.

Famous quotes containing the word disciples

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