discerning in a sentence

Example sentences for discerning

Let us all try to be more discerning.
I've never had trouble discerning the two.
The general public is far more discerning than the literary elite.
Good to see that some people out there actually have a discerning view of commodities.
Thank you for this refreshing bit of logical, discerning analysis.
It follows, then, that their appraisals are as discerning as human judgment can be.
There are gems to be found for the discerning shopper, though.
You assume the public is capable of discerning fact from fiction.
She's also blessed with a discerning palate.
It seems that ordinary people are now at odds - and more discerning - than the pundits, talking heads and scribblers.
The all-discerning sun alone can tell, for no other eye beheld it.
Discerning the state lawmakers' pensions isn't so easy.
Yet the discerning visitor may also notice something else.
Matching production to the demands of discerning consumers everywhere.
We're both discerning and straightforward and want our films to have a simple, matter-of-fact tone.
Fresh pasta, however, is another kind of dish altogether and one that many discerning people don't prefer.
Physicists have difficulty in discerning logical inconsistency and empirical inconsistency.
The simplest way of discerning the strongest males is to test their strength for herself.
Almost by definition, faith and reason operate in different domains and involve different paths to discerning truth.
And the execution of capped sleeves formed from a ruched back panel on a leather top showed a discerning eye.
Or another color combination of your discerning choice.
Orchestrating the menstrual cycle: discerning the music from the noise.

Famous quotes containing the word discerning

I give you a wise and discerning mind; no one like you has been before you and no one like you shall arise ... more
Let the wise also hear and gain in learning, and the discerning acquire skill, to understand a proverb and ... more
You must observe them diligently, for this will show your wisdom and discernment to the peoples, who, when they hear all... more
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